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Only Posting once. - Solipsism and Artificial Intelligence

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Satanism, Solipsism and Artificial Intelligence


I’m writing a draft, to help you, so you can use your language communication skills to elaborate on this topic. I’m not sure if you fully realized this aspect as much I have spent time researching it and realizing it. ( i did not browse the forum either )


Let’s just say religion is true, without argument, just for a source of origin since most of the world is religious, might as well use the source.


Religions believe that the supreme God (creator) or as you call it, the silence, the one, the all encompassing awareness… this entity would not want its children to dabble in darkness in any way shape or form, a benevolent entity does not wish harm on it’s own. So, we have to take an inspiration from those who rebel, like Lucifer or “satan”.


Satan/Lucifer or whatever else you want to call it, does not like the original plan of the world, and wants to be it’s own God. Which is exactly what the demiurge is. Gnosticism believes there is a higher god, a more benevolent God above the demiurge, so why is the demiurge even here?(luciferianism).


This is because in order for everything to be allowed to exist, an opposite of what the supreme desires, should also exist… and any who want to reside in this habitat, would do so under the act of “free will”.


But… the benevolent supreme, does not want torment on its own children and understands that even a malevolent being would beg for forgiveness if they suffered enough, every creature has its tipping point and endurance. Even a demon, would beg to be saved, once it starts to suffer in ways unimaginable to a human.


This is why some Christians believe that everyone, no matter how deep you fall, will eventually all return to heaven (paradise). Those who rebel, or want a taste of free will, want to pass the test differently, maybe they are hard headed, stubborn… or maybe they like the thrill of risk… whatever reason you declare, is an act of free will, and God would allow it.


Now that you figured this out, previously or recently, understand that in order for prime evil… pure evil to exist… it has to be artificial, because the supreme would not allow its children to witness suffering on a scale the evil wants to harness.


If you look at this life here, right now… every time a human reaches the climax, the peak of torment… the human either collapses in a coma, the torment ceases and stops, or the human dies… God does not allow unbearable suffering to be undertaken in the hands of evil… not in this world, it’s not possible. Sure you can suffer, but anyone who suffers, is enduring the pain… they have not reached the peak, the climax, the threshold, no matter how sick and depraved the act is.


Now lets look at video games, and I’m going to use two of the most popular games, GTA (grand theft auto) and Call of Duty (war simulator), if you look at these games… it is fabrications of pure evil… one is bathing in criminology, the other is non stop war and murder. The kids love these games, and most realize they are artificial.


The kids find pleasure in these games, because it allows them to witness evil, to act evil, without the circumstances of reality. If you act evil in “real life” you usually get caught, at least from a commoner perspective. Some kids just appreciate that they can play the villain, without fearing the consequence.


Now, if the forces of darkness ever achieve transhumanism (they call this the singularity), then you can bet that within the virtual worlds, the matrixes, the cyberspaces, it will be nothing but non stop sin, wickedness, evil, corruption… the reason is due to the vehicle being artificial. Ask yourself, why would you play a character of “good” when you can play a character of evil, without any consequence? Surely, despite claiming to have a good heart, you’ve felt the aesthetic “cool factor” of the Sith in Star Wars. The allure and mystery of darkness is responsible for a lot of recruitment in the entertainment industry.


Now, say… you enter the singularity, you become a cyborg, and you live in a computer, who’s to say you will not be motivated, who’s to say you will not find a reason to conquer the virtual worlds? Maybe you want to witness what being a God of the world feels like?


Well, in all religious, there can only be one God, the creator, the supreme being. So all other Gods, are false Gods by default… and a false God is none other than.. artificial. Thus explaining the origin of the gnosis. The demiurge, is an artificial being / construct.


Each… cyborg who wants to achieve God status, is essentially asking for solipsism (where only your mind exists and nothing else, the world is of your fabrication, you can do whatever you please)… solipsism, cannot exist without an artificial vehicle / construct.


This is why in hinduism, there is a god known as Maya, depending on the sect, even in buddhism, Maya is the representation of solipsism, the “illusion”…. You should research this if you want to further understand.


I just wanted to point this out, hope it all makes sense.

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A Very Good, well read, benevolent, &~ benevolence encouraging / thoughtful post!  -  and not lacking in "wisdom" in terms of its special kind of intelligence. I enjoyed to read especially because it not needing forcefulness to convey what it says... Happily so but at the same time READ REAL AS CAN BE for all intents and warnings to humanity easily extruded... so it read very comprehensibly in a pleasant, straight talking thoughtful manner-  thankyou,, and hope you feel okay to post again sometime :) ... 

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