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Mike and Virginia McClaughry have been doing some impressive document research for over 25 years and have taken several varied angle approaches towards where their research leads them. They started with internal scientology stuff and then Hubbard himself and that led onto the broader 'who the hell was he working for?' line. It led them to places that were unexpected, yet familiar. One can start at several places or times or events, but it all cycles in on much of what David has independently concluded.  Hubbards 1946 pulp fiction story 'The End is not Yet' printed in ASTOUNDING magazine. In the FICTIONAL story LRH discloses thinly veiled insights into what was going on. He actually infers that there was a time-loop or alternative reality stream that impacted around 1940 or so. He directly refers to CERN's Dark Matter and Dark Energy research in 1946 !!! He hypothesises ZERO POINT ENERGY and his story is an expose of the Slavemaster Agenda that he was deeply involved in through OSS/ ONI/ CIA and MI6 missions he undertook. He did indeed spend a lot of he 1930's studying very deep research materials. Do not believe the latter Nutty Cult SciFi writer cover story. He was a seriously connected intelligence and counter intelligence operative working under Miles Copeland's CIA 2. Read the story and pick out the hidden clues for yourself. He even alludes to ATLAS. Which only very clever researchers will know about. Hubbard was talking about CYCLOPS and MK Ultra and SIGINT Talent KEYHOLE before many of us were born. The sad thing is that the Sea Org ships Aries and Bolivar (whom you have never heard of) were smuggling drugs directly into Los Angeles whilst the other ships were doing a grand job of undertaking secret missions for Miles Copeland. I suspected from 1983 that we were all being influenced by a "matrix" type of alternative reality that ran alongside the human reality and crossed over many times. People are now talking about experiencing Fifth Dimensional Reality now. I tend to agree with them these days. Time is not Linear. Matter is just energy at low vibration, Space is a phenomena of Matter/Energy. CERN only this month announced that they had come across sub atomic particles that defied reality. They also suggested that time travel was within reach of current technology. Uri Gellar can chat with you about those sort of things. I myself have experienced CAUSE / CAUSALITY and know that we do live in a giant construct that originated outside of our human reality. The Slavemasters are so badly off spiritually that they seek to cave in the whole Earth to their level of fear and insanity. However, I still hold some hope that LRH was playing a reverse-psychology game on his own masters who are part of the Slavemaster system that just died on their feet when we woke up. I am sure others will be able to find the old clues and parallels. Hubbard loved to play games like that. Go beyond the media fakery and rear the documents for yourself. The End is not yet! hints at what sort of thing we have been facing for almost 70 years or more. The Men who stare at goats film is also a useful insight into the lunacy that rigid psychology lives with. LRH stated privately in a letter in 1954 that he had five psychotronic devices that could cure all insanity and crime within less than one month of application in trained hands. 5G is the slavemasters next move to control our minds through subliminal programming. Perry Chapdelaine and Buckminster Fuller, Volney Mathieson and Tesla knew of this secret technology. It can be used for good or evil and you each have a choice. leave the occult alone as it is not workable and full of pitfalls as it was designed from the start as a trap to make less of your spirituality. Alice Baily, Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley were all MI6 agents sent in to prevent communism spreading aprons the world. They do not want Republics. They want a One World under their control. CJ Barnes. (2021).  

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Good post...

Interesting, thanks...


Has a sort of espionage throng or silver thread running through it if you like, especially now having just found out on Wiki L. R. H had a code named Snow White Program so called.. which actually was espionage (in the eyes of the government enyway) was espionage featuring this man which is L. R. H, anyway yep, I've heard of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.


Now... By my really limited knowledge... Being the founder of Scientology as he was (that as a bare fact  I've known for years) and I guess most people know that know anything..  but now it appears to be there was more to him than I personally knew...

And whilst mostly I only look to this stuff curiously its yeah interesting...


My little bit of 'know' tho is different from claiming from me all is good for Scientology and especially what it became and still is, a cult in itself. 


Even if the original man himself L. R. H. was not necessarily cult minded by original  intent I tend to guess right??? ... 


Eeeenyway moving aside from his Dianetics or Scientology (btw, I've just got clarity on Wiki the latter came into being after he wrote Dianetics since he lost the rites to Dianetics Wiki says). 


Well, I say all this is  interesting research enyway of the Caughry team you mention who began the quest for insider knowledge I suppose looking at Scientology and other forays of research... So as Caughrys' both made insights into other stuff so it looks, not just L. R. H...

So the Caughrys (*never heard of them, sorry* ~but good to know) ~ go about  basicly furthering their knowledge thru research where they find L R Hubbard was on a par with the likes of Tesla in certain respects of scientific stuff way ahead of its' time!?!?  That right?... If so.. Wow enough,  but not surprising to learn Tesla himself was A Great just on his own :)  except great to now be learning too reading you Nullarbor.JACK, how you talk of other men in the time of Tesla, knowing like what Tesla knew in great minded scientific discoveries, also interesting.. 


Enyhow, here is a quote from wiki on the "Snow White Program" , just going back to that a second since I've raised it (SWP=that being a thing *I* never knew about), and hey I am no genius web weaver of conspiracies etc, (but may overall this espionage by Hubbard could add overall interest to what you've been saying Nullarbor Jack).


 In 1978, Hubbard was convicted of fraud after he was tried in absentia by France. In the same year, eleven high-ranking members of Scientology were indicted on 28 charges for their role in the Church's Snow White Program, a systematic program of espionage against the United States government. One of the indicted was Hubbard's wife Mary Sue Hubbard, who was in charge of the program; L. Ron Hubbard was named an unindicted co-conspirator.

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5 hours ago, Nullarbor Jack said:

I suspected from 1983 that we were all being influenced by a "matrix" type of alternative reality that ran alongside the human reality and crossed over many times.


Since my above post a short bit earlier... I take this to quote.. Not especially b/c I'm trying to highlight something as *main stream effecting* as the overall "matrix" BY WHICH IT ALREADY IS, and by that all lends power to it, but by curiousness about how does this work,  systematically only, should it be guessed, or on levels that transcend raw power of prolific gathering of intelligence or info tapping (like is held or forged mostly on the web nowadays. Eg. Surveillance plus enything else to add which then comes together or gets tied together as a matrix system of control and so on)..

 I mean, (not to hijack your thread with endless questions but...) in your estimation or by drawing upon actual experience can you advise us the public on ultimately how does one best perceive or surmise the matrix in all its conglomerations? ~ even for the *moderately well already awakened* in your own view Jack?

Do you know to put into words??


...Like say~ Is it possible to roundedly yet concisely answer ABOUT THE MATRIX *in overview* either in regards to Great Minds like the people you mention of yesterday, or of todays world and our Great Minds today like David Icke?


I understand I guess it may not be the main narrative to feature most highly in this particular thread, but maybe you could offer a morsel of how you think the matrix has expanded in todays world in particular. I view the system in dim terms because of how making a mockery of reality and perception of things AND OF HUMANS seems like such a 'sport' nowadays and is unethical to subvert the nature of human beings in this tech-"means" IMO, and not a victimless system either obviously..

Such as what has come to be known as "The War on Consciousness"  (etc) 


5 hours ago, Nullarbor Jack said:

I myself have experienced CAUSE / CAUSALITY and know that we do live in a giant construct that originated outside of our human reality.


Ok, care to explain more pls if you are not too uncomfortable doing so? 

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