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Infection Among Vaccinated People - UK Faces Local Lockdowns

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COVID news live - latest updates: Tiny number of coronavirus cases among fully vaccinated people revealed, as Denmark set to give doses away after ban and UK 'could face new local restrictions'

CDC reveals 0.008% infection rate among vaccinated people; Denmark bans Oxford-AstraZeneca jab altogether; local restrictions 'could return in London'.


Key points

  • Health officials reveal 0.008% infection rate among fully vaccinated people in US - see 15.03 post
  • Local restrictions 'could return' in London after variant cases identified - see 10.30 and 11.32 posts
  • Denmark becomes first country in the world to halt use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine completely -see 7.54  post
  • India suffers alarming surge in new daily cases - see 8.06 post
  • UK braces for first weekend since pubs reopened
  • Olympics 'could be cancelled', officials say - see 8.50 post



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Re: Denmark banning the AZ....the Danes are not stupid.

0.008% is a very small percentage of infections....so far. But I imagine the vaccines are not going to protect against infection like people erroneously think they do.
People in my area are doing all sorts since they "had the two shots". Holiday time ! (yeah right)


That stuff about Covid infection causing more blood clots than the AZ I find hard to compute.
When I had Covid last year I had some internal bleeding (peeing literal red for a few days) bleeding in my eye and red petechiae appeared on my trunk and legs. That's a bleeding not a clotting problem.


Local London lockdowns. That doesn't surprise me. It's the thin end of the wedge. This so-called "new freedom" thing is bollocks.


I am sorry about what's happening in India.

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