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Has Anyone Else Watched This POWERFUL Documentary? THE CORPORATION


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It is a history documentary largely about corporate malfeasance, unethical business practices and how huge corporations came into being in the first place:


1) How and why were the first corporation-like entities in America formed? (Building the first railroads, making the first industrial machines)


2) How did these initially very very tightly regulated companies - they had very limited freedom at first, like not being able to buy and own property - manage to get rid of the regulations?


3) How did these companies manipulate U.S. courts into recognizing a corporation as 'having the exact same legal rights, protections and status as a living person'?


4) Where did the concept of 'corporations being allowed to be about profit-generation and accountability to shareholders only' come from? (Corporations were initially intended to work for the public good and be accountable to society at large - they were not supposed to be about private profit-making...)


5) What crimes have large companies ranging from Nike to Monsanto committed? (Everything from making children work in factories to making branded garments for cents in poor countries that then sell for over 100 Dollars a piece in U.S. clothing stores)


6) How and why was the huuuge new market for harmful petrochemical products (e.g. petroleum derived chemical pesticides, strange medicines given to milk cows) created?


7) Are there only a few 'bad apple' companies doing bad things, or is there something about the modern corporation itself that causes unethical behavior?


8) What are some of the worst things corporations have done?


Speakers in the documentary range from Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein to Harvard Business School professors and labour rights abuses investigators.










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