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New Escalation Between Ukraine And Russia


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Building Donetsk Ukraine.
Deadly clashes between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have intensified, after a record ceasefire lasting several months.
Russia is again massing troops near Ukraine’s borders, Kremlin-controlled media has ramped up threats of war.
They stationed more than 40,000 troops on the eastern border area and sent another 9,000 to Crimea, in addition to the 33,000 troops already there.
The United States and key European allies are concerned that another Russian military offensive against Ukraine may be imminent.
Airport Donetsk Ukraine
Airport Donetsk Ukraine
Turkey says that the United States plans to send two warships to the Black Sea via the Bosporus.
Russia warned the United States against sending warships to the Black Sea, urging American forces to stay away from the annexed Crimean peninsula “for their own good”.
“There is absolutely nothing for American ships to be doing near our shores,” Russian deputy foreign ministry Sergei Ryabkov said, warning there was a very high risk of unspecified incidents if U.S. military hardware were to be positioned in the Black Sea.
On April 12, G7 foreign ministers and the EU's foreign policy chief urge Russia to stop "provocations" and to "de-escalate tensions."
There are reports of mortar shells, artillery, aviation and drone attacks.
This escalation threatens vast flows of commodities and energy to Europe and other countries.
This region is a ticking bomb, if it explodes the whole Europe will suffer.
The sovereign borders of Ukraine must be restored and Crimea must be returned.
Read more about our reality and join us here:
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You leave out that america started this civil war in ukraine, just because russia did not allow them to steal syria, for israel, who has no right to syria.


Obamas admin, which had todays president as vice president, ie biden were in power, when ukraine civil war started, and its no coincidence, that ukraine is being flooded now with american weapons as biden is president.


I wonder how much money biden family made out of corruption in ukraine?


Its amazing that just before civil war there, ukraine jointly held european football championships. Look at it now.


Crimea has historically belonged to russia.


The reason why london, washington, and tel aviv, could not start a war with russia in obama years, is because ukraine people mostly said no way are they dying for these countries. Most people in ukraine, have too many ties with russia, plus nato countries did nothing for ukraine since end of cold war, and just left ukraine there.


They only now need ukraine, and there people, as they want war, and thankfully most of ukraine people know that, london, washington, and tel aviv are using them as cannon fodder. Most of ukraine people do not want to know, and thats why in obama years this war could not be started.

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