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Angelic Particle Matrix Research - An incredible new way at looking at our realm & how it works.


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Based on the Nazca lines, The Mandala Gridiron & Nazca Sun-Star in Peru.


Our realm according to the research is a Technological Construct based on Angelic Particle Accelerators, think CERN but bigger which projects our visible universe from below, deep inside the earth to above in the sky/firmament.

Our sun & moon are local not 93 million miles away and projected on the firmament. This can be evidenced by the vast amounts of videos of the angel halo and its mechanism’s which many people have recorded with out knowing what they were seeing. People also call these sundogs but the reason provided obviously contradicts the APM research. Please see video below


I remember reading about the electric universe many years ago and thought they were on the right track even if they were using their model based on our globe revolving around a sun/s. The APM model argues that the electrical magnetic field model is the correct one and not one based around gravity. 

What I also love about this research is how they link it to how ancient civilisations must have known and used this knowledge and encoded it in their hieroglyphics. They understood how our underworld worked and possibly harnessed the electrical energy such as the great pyramid of Giza and that is what they were trying to show us. It is a technological construct. 

As some of you might be aware the Book of Enoch was removed from the bible and there are various reasons given. However when you understand and accept that our earth is using technology to create, maintain and run our realm then reading the Book of Enoch becomes an easier task and provides you with an amazing insight of what goes on many miles beneath our feet. Enoch was shown the underworld and was describing it to the best of his ability and understanding, without probably any previous knowledge of what technology was.


There are over a hundred hours of video on the channel which goes into much more depth. They also keep a live chat going 24/7 for you to ask questions.









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