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A Fake Alien Show Coming To A Town Near You........Soon


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4 hours ago, oz93666 said:

I've just looked at this thread again after two years of not checking it .... I see I made a post on page 1 , the third post ,  and I still regard that as spot on ..


This planned Alien arivall will not be fake .. they will be the real deal , the same Reps who control our world now in human Disguise..


But it doesn't matter whether you think it's real of fake , we all agree on one thing...


Don't go along with what they want! 

I liked the tv series V one of my personal favs.

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22 minutes ago, DaleP said:


When Jesus returns and floats in the sky, how will you distinguish whether that is true Jesus or not?


Believe me- You'll know, that day is going to go out with a right ol show & a half. This final day will be all of revelation rolled into one.

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55 minutes ago, alexa said:


Yes & Orion Job 38:30-32.

This passage will give you clue as to where they went. Sorry - I can't say too much, wrong thread.


OK, can we carry on this conversation in the right thread and tag me?

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Look .... the 'alien' stuff which may be promoted .... well if your TV and Mobile work then it is bullshit and is being done by 'humans'.


First thing in any real conflict is to remove the communications your opponent has!


IF .... you have NO internet or mobile or TV .... maybe real?


9 minutes ago, lake said:


My bad ....




Yer .... me posting about the Bible in the Antarctica thread .... my bad lol

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El-Ayin, root word for Alien according to David Elkington.

I think Ayin is the darkness, not necessarily evil but dark as in the other realm. So god of the other realm....like those elves.....who were supposed to have been first born.

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On 6/13/2023 at 4:01 PM, alexa said:

They are certainly pushing this UFO crap.......😂





Is that in the same filing system that holds all the pedophilia documents and accusations of bent priests etc do you think? I wonder how many kids had their first taste of religion by giving a priest a B.J.? However many there was is that many too much, they always seem to cover this stuff up!😠

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