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A Fake Alien Show Coming To A Town Near You........Soon


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In chapter 3 of The Answer, Mr. Icke writes of good ETs who are spiritually elevated (here ruling out the Reptilians and the Grays), but which the fallen entities overseeing this prison planet of ours do not want us to be in contact with, as the advanced knowledge these benevolent aliens have to offer humanity would serve as a potentially liberating force, freeing us from the grip of the controllers. 


Such talk is eerily equivalent to the message being propagated by certain close encounter experiencers who espouse a New Age philosophy.


Yet, at the same time, Icke does not seem to be talking about advanced technology, not in the form of spacecraft, anyhow, for elsewhere in the book the author mentions how many of the UFOs that are spotted are likely of human origin (in a sense), as the result of a transfer of knowledge alleged to have taken place years ago between the elites and the archons, in seeming reference to the Greada Treaty.


If such is the case, these elites now have in their possession the supposed secret of UFO propulsion systems, something which many in the close encounter community fail to believe, their still looking to the extraterrestrial UFO as savior, utterly denying that a secret space program even exists and has now for decades.


There will be no 'invasion' as perceived by those who anxiously await the otherworldly spacefleet. My guess is they will be among the first line of dupes to fall for the appearance of the so-called visitors.

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15 hours ago, TheDoctor said:

It will be a real alien invasion, something big is coming….


Earth is possibly a Human Farm,a colony if not in space then in a prison crater on a world hundreds of times larger than taught (which accounts for so much apparent flatness) and we are harvested when the planets are back in proximity or "yearly" if one of 'their' years is a few hundred of ours,due to relative size and the solar/lunar tech involved.


Unfortunately if we are not at the top of the food chain,we will soon find out,...again?

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short 4 part documentary on the probable demonic deception of UFO's/aliens from a credible enough youtube source:


[UFO Documentary] Demonic Deception. Part 1. The Glowing Orbs/UFOs






(2014) The UFO Activity - Demonic Deception 3/4 Demonic Power



(2014) The UFO Activity - Demonic Deception 4/4 - Ancient Aliens or Demons?


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22 hours ago, zArk said:

Seems to me Hollywood has targeted Mars as the focus for alien life


Probably gonna have an alien encounter from NASA footage of Mars


It will proliferate from there. 

I dunno why but I've always been inclined to think mars is where us humans used to inhabit before arriving at earth

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This to me doesn't ring true, some how it looks fake, what do you think ?


Heartstopping moment an Australian Air Force C-17 jet weaves through Brisbane's skyscrapers - sparking some VERY colourful reactions from startled viewers.






To watch video⬇️








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Are they preparing ?


Does America have a real flying saucer? Lockheed Martin's super-secretive Skunk Works chief refuses to comment on video that shows

bizarre aircraft on the back of a flatbed truck near the facility





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