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How can you believe anything?


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I've read from many sources the UK has been under a subversion model as described by Yuri Bezmenov for many years leading up to present day.

besmenov says the demoralised man is unable to assess true facts. So how can the leaders expect people to believe anything they say?

I find I don't believe anything anymore. Anything on telly or in the papers. especailly sport. Even stuff my friends tell me I'm thinking "so what really happened?"

On Saturday I won 30 quid on the grand national I expected a women or a black jockey to win. There were 3 women so I backed them all. I laughed at the end of the race and it wasn't the laughter of joy due to winning some money.


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There is no single truth, just versions of the truth.  And there is anti-truth.  Most of what we see and hear via television, radio, print is propaganda meant to distort your perception of truth to suit their agenda. 


I give one example:  "An Airliner Crashed Killing All 108 People Onboard. Mechanical failure to blame."  It is true an airliner crashed.  The rest isn't known absolutely.  108 manifested people died.  Were they all onboard?  Did one leave unnoticed at the last second? Were there any stowaways? What exactly failed?  Why did it fail down to brass tacks?  Did human error cause the failure? Was it clever sabotage? The questions are endless.


What I try and do.. unless it directly effects me, like the weather report, I tune it out.  Why should I care what transpires outside of my locality?  When it comes to sports, I wager on transgender men winning every time against women.  



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