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Marxist Mind Control - The 100 Year War on America

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Beware 'Wokism' this ideological radical movement hides behind a st of virtues and virtuous speech relating to societies misfortunes but they like radical Islamist theology demand absolute obedience to their cause, absolute disregard for any truth but the party line and with their rituals of shouting 'I Can't Breath', taking a knee and accepting that you are a sinner, guilty of racism, sexism and white supremacy and the only way to earn forgiveness is to stand with the movement and against America.


The movement rings of classic cultish dogma, such as the reframing of the meaning of words. Praying on those lower on the social hierarchy. Those with body, social, personality, racial and gender insecurities. These people are offered legitimacy and power with a righteous and virtuous narrative to motivate their agenda.


Its about power. Its about tyranny and control. We must shine the light of truth upon these individuals, they will not stand up to scrutuny but we must not be shamed by their overt use of virtuosity and self righteous speech. These are fascists starting from a position of deception.


Free speech is fascism posing as good manners.


Stand up! They are not historically strong or brave. They are not the winners of history!


Bascially what I said in my thread O.S.C - Our Saviour Communism.



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'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'.


Academics at the University of York have decided that they could be seen as an oppressive racial stereotype, and pulled an image of the animals from their website to avoid offence.


Organisers of a forthcoming art history conference apologised for using the picture in their call for submissions. “Upon reflection, we strongly believe that our first poster is not appropriate as its iconology promulgates a longstanding visual legacy of oppression and exploits racist stereotypes,” they wrote.


(A prayer to the God of Wokism)


We bring this to your attention, so that we may be held accountable for our actions and, in our privileges, do and be better.”


- in the name of the black the trans, female and gay, Awomen.

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It seems there are two kinds of people on Earth. The Victim and Faithful. The victim has a mentality that blames their own circumstances for their lack of fulfilment. A Faithful takes responsibility for their position in life knowing only their actions cause their circumstances.


Racism, sexism the patriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism.... All these are sold to those Victimites who's natural predilection towards hypochondria leads them to believe that liberalism will set them free from the chains of conservative oppression.

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