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Saturn, CERN, and the Cube of Illusion


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Below is an article I wrote back in 2017 about Saturn and CERN and about the possibility that CERN is attempting to access an inter-dimensional doorway. The article goes into detail about the Saturn Stargate which is an idea that has gained popularity in recent years. 




Quote from the start of the article:


The theories that I'll be proposing in this article are controversial and deal with CERN, Saturn, the Saturn Ship or Sun, and inter-dimensional portals. Concepts like "the Saturn Sun", "Cosmic Mountain", and "the Saturn cube" will probably seem bewildering to most people and so I would suggest reading and watching explanatory web-pages and videos, where the job is already done (referenced in the article). This article suggests that CERN may be a recreation of the Tower of Babel. I have kept the writing intentionally short and to the point and its split up into sections. The most important section is the "Saturn Stargate".

But before getting into this I'd like to declare my position on space. I don't subscribe to the conventional view of space or planets according to agencies like NASA. To my mind, NASA is part of the paraphernalia that the elites are using for the production of stage-managed 'space exploration'. Three paragraphs here were taken from correspondence with a friend — highlighted in green. I'll be referencing movies as I think they contain more truth than people realise. If you want to follow this article you should click on the links (right-click on the links and open them up in another tab to save yourself having to go back)
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