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all carefully planned and designed , United Slaveowners want to control peoples Climate and Environment

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its all carefully planned and designed ,  United Slaveowners want to save their private business criminal empire from fall  , 

united slaveowners  are criminal mafia family organization who  think they are high business class  genetically prior , 


united slaveowners empire  agents   want to wear the golden pharaonic ceasar crown  , rape working class children and privatize Planet Earth to  control  all peoples Climate and Environment

and they are doing that by media manipulation and political tricking that Climate and Environments are governments projects  for interest of humanity , 

while actually its all about imprisoning and enslaving humanity ( with help of extraterrestrial imperial artificial intelligence  which used Internet to scan and  steal  all human intelligence )


governments are moneyprinters servants  and not really elected by people ,

governments and  political infrastructures are having forever jobs while  creating  national debts and minuses and working against nations  .


 its big theatre because its  governments who are corrupting  your job oportunity and job places , governments are defending themselves by creating criminal laws so working class kids can never have real permanent job  or ever  get to their political function positions . 
Its a political oligarchy dictature and corruption just like Nazis or  todays Corona Fascism Corporation .

you see , today you need another and another special Corona permission and Corona passport issued by  government if you wanna go to pub.
its a same laws in most criminal prisons .

Innocent humanity is in Corona Prison designed by criminals . .

Climate and Environment  projects are just another  carrots for the donkeys .

they want to control peoples Climate and Environment , so they can destabilize any other peoples economy and development whenever they want  and have humanity forever enslaved .


... you have to understand the operating systems of humanity enslavement , its a  industrial standard and design .

Imperial system ,  united slaveowners as  criminal oligarchy unions are who finance nazis and terrorists to attack and enslave working class ,

united slaveowners   think they are genetically prior to print money and robb working class 


Carrot is well advertised to a donkey so while donkey is running after carrot , united slaveowners can use donkeys energy ,

its a same with any other advertised product , Facebook is another carrot ,  Global Digitalization & all  Internet is stealing and privatizing other peoples energy and information

just like carrot is  advertised to manipulate donkey , ... spiders  web & fishermans net is designed to catch humanity  as a fish , ....

just like nazism and terrorism , ... 9/11 AND CORONA VIRUS  are designed to further limit , mute  , destabilize working class economy , imprison and  enslave humanity .


United Slaveowners want to own this planet and control Climate and Environment . 


so all this Climate and Corona Business Projects are fake just like previous business project War on Terror  (they actually  created and financed nazis and terorists ),


today , its all designed and advertised as carrot for a donkey . So while running after carrot , donkey do all the work and then  United Slaveowners collect the profit .


... bordered space full of nation  is State of Lambnation  as a place where wolfstreet wolfs collect their lambs for later sacrifice and barbecue meat   , 

every border is a prison to enslave you and disconnect you from  your natural identity genetics

every border is  designed to have every human and nation in a bordered cage  like a  bunch of slaves  ,


its all designed   by those few  whos  business  dont have any borders and  no any limits  ,  they dont oblige to any law ...... but they design all borders and limits to enslave humanity , .......  every information , law and border is designed to limit   your mind senses ,  to destabilize your economic oportunity and disconnect you from your natural senses of belonging to  Universe and they want to  disconnect you from your natural oportunity access to Cosmic Creation , Infinite Time and Space , Breath of Air .

Media and schools are designed by united slaveowners industrial standard to teach donkey to follow the  carrot , in the end donkey gets used and screwed  like every working class bordered as sheep for lambnation.

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