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Is World War 3 About Too Kick Off ?


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World War is a false premise.  WW I was confined to Europe and the middle east.  WW II was confined, including Africa and the Pacific.  Places like South America, Iceland, Greenland, the United States mainland, Mexico, Central America, Canada (the New World) were not battlefields.  


If WW III were to occur it most likely would NOT involve nuclear weapons contrary to what we might think.  If they are used it means the continental U.S. is under foreign troop invasion.  And that isn't likely due to logistics.  


The globalists know that America must fall from within first.  Look around, does America seem more united or less?  They are busy little bees.  Reel in any hatred you might have and appreciate one another regardless of political party.  LOVE is the only real weapon we have, because if that fails, and civil war erupts all bets are off.  

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I don't think we will see Wars as we have done in the past. I think the age of the kind of warfare we have seen from the second world war to Vietnam and Iraq 1 & 2 isnt the kind that would be fought in first world countries.


I think a third world war will be fought in ways never before seen. Economic warfare, technological warfare, political and social warfare with movements that can create an army from the populous within the impenetrable boarders of such superpower nations and I think we are witnessing such a war at this very moment in history.


Russia, China and Communism, America, Democrats and Socialism. Between nuclear capable superpower Nations we will never see Armies, Tanks, Planes and Ships because there is but one outcome of such warfare and it is for that reason the nuclear deterrent is names thus.

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