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Out of the box ideas here. They cannot be brought down using conventional means


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There are mexican villagers that have frequent contact with aliens.

When some machine breaks down the villagers ask for help. The aliens teach them how to fix machine

Can you see something here?

PM me if you do

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33 minutes ago, webtrekker said:

Jim Bell's 'Assassination Politics' always seemed like agood idea to me, (see here) , and even better now that crypto currencies are around.

As far as i understand it......if an activity that uses the internet is seen as undesirable or dangerous by our cruel masters they should be able to block it or hack into it or block IP adress.

Internet is not the most reliable of weapons.

I remember life in india...no one knew if internet could be used that day. Either powerstations were down or problems with the servers

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Posted (edited)

People could get rid of their smart phones then the government couldn't do track and trace or make you use your phone to make payments so that they can end cash and create their cashless digital currency system


that's an out the box idea most people won't even consider

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