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Real Reason Why Governments Are So Enthusiastic About 5G

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I (like so many) have been wondering why governments around the world are talking up 5G infrastructure as if it's crucial for our future economic progression.  While we as the consumers look on in confusion as to how this can be a watermark moment in our technical evolution, with the high price for a 5G phone, and the strange videos of people being standing under a 5G enabled lamppost to download music video really really fast, on their way to work, and pausing by a lamppost a few meters from the train station, may sound vaguely interesting for a young person, it all doesn't make much sense why governments are talking up this technology.


And to make things worse, the governments are rolling it out on residential streets without consultation.  no real study has been done on the health effects, but what we do know, is that it uses the same frequency range as a microwave oven.


A few days ago I saw a news clip about 5G.  It was in this clip that the penny dropped for me.  In the clip they mentioned how 5G is the platform to be used for face recognition cameras for the masses.  By simply connecting a camera with a 5G transmitter, the camera will connect and act as a 5G node (switch) and because facial recognition requires considerable bandwidth and time is important factor when identifying someone, then it's fair to say that the 5G is actually really a surveillance technology.


Along with a universal vaccine card (more compact than a passport) that people will have to carry with them, it looks to me like, there is a massive co-ordinated move by western governments to create a heavy surveillance web in our cities, and beyond.


You comments are welcome

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5G antennas, devices scan and modify human emotions, thoughts, behavior and satellite grid will block cosmic information from Earth so to further implement hologram

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