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The fundamental question is: From whom should Trump get America back? Who took possession of America?
The answer is: Zionist bankers. Jews.
Trump took his son-in-law Jarred Kushner and his wife Ivanka, Trump’s daughter, as his advisers.
Jarred Kushner is a rich and influential Jew. Could anyone expect Trump to act against the Jewish lobby, which is behind the anti-white revolution in America?
Then Trump would have to give up his own daughter and son-in-law.
What father would do that?
Trump was clearly not the right man for the task he supposedly set himself: to get America back.



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His base is mainly white people, and everyone around him wants the temple to be built, which can only happen once white people and the west have been brought to ruin. And people wonder why he pardoned traitors, passed hate speech laws, and other such bs.


Maybe there is some truth that real leaders and orators are forged in wars, because that fraud never fought, and it seems like the last time we had any real leader is a long time ago in history.

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To think that there are MSM parrots on various online message boards outside of the DIF, still talking about and buying into the Russia-Trump hoax that was, even now with DJT out of office! Does not the mindless rhetoric spewed from these obliviously indoctrinated Blue Pillers ever end? Far from the conservative party having been corrupted by a pawn of Russian intelligence as these morons continue to claim, Trump, upon having been voted into office in 2016, cleaned house as it were (to some extent, anyway), yet this false conspiracy theory manages to live on in the minds of those who continue to see Russians under every Trumper's bed.


Speaking of figurative bedsteads, China and its relation to certain national figureheads in the West definitely makes for curious bedfellows -- especially in the latter case, when the covert donning of women's lingerie may be involved by feminist wannabes in suited attire. But I digress.


I'd like to think that these Russia-Trump conspiracy theorists are simply misled but some of them are the same ones who also conveniently see QAnon lurking behind every alleged claim made by "far right patriots" as to the vast corruption and in some cases outright darkness of high-ranking politicos on the (radical) left, which many non-Anons feel Trump, although not a savior, was at least on to and vainly attempted to expose.


The belief that there is an ugly underneath within the nation's capital, that there are those seeking America's demise -- fifth columnists heavily involved in the occult -- predates the sophomoric QAnon movement by decades, with its love for diversionary cryptic droppings and overall credulity in believing in every fantastic tale spread by what was/is in all likelihood a Deep State disinformation campaign, designed to divert attention and to trivialize/demonize all talk of "conspiracy theories".


Secret societies and their connection to America date back to the very beginning. In modern times, one hears of psychics and seances, Jeffrey Epstein, and trafficking rings. Pizzagate! The commonly used buzzword employed by those to stop and make light of such discussion, make it all seem utterly preposterous and the product of warped and deluded minds, victims of 'Q Clearance Patriot'.


Indeed, and to reiterate, I'd like to think these ones are merely misled in their thinking as opposed to defensive gatekeepers, possibly in league with occult forces if not the Goat of Mendes itself.

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Trump didn't challenge central banking

Trump didn't challenge 911 false narrative

Trump didn't have the link between vaccines and autism proven

Trump didn't challenge chemtrails

Trump didn't oppose the mass roll out of experimental covid jabs


In short he failed along with all other recent presidents to challenge the key pillars of the conspiracy

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The U.S. and Israel are democratic allies. Of course the 45th POTUS would have been not so much "owned" by but rather supportive of tiny Israel, a miniscule homeland surrounded on all sides by antidemocratic regimes and sharia-adherent countries. It's not so much that Zionists "control" the U.S. as it is perhaps a simple and overt matter of democratic alliance.

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