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Vax detaching Soul from Body

Tom Pescatore

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I don't know the name of the French healer unfortunately, but the quote from Rudolf Steiner about the elimination of the soul with medicine has been widely shared recently and picked up also by DI. If anyone can confirm to me where more precisely within Steiner's work this quote can be found, I would be very grateful - just so that I can be sure that the quote hasn't been misattributed in some way.




There were some reports during the AZ "vaccine" trials of at least one recipient feeling like they had lost the connection with their soul. Some viewed the reports at the time as dubious but they seem to be gaining some credibility lately following accounts from energy workers after the wider "vaccine" roll out.





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It will fail. The thing driving this might be a diabolical genious,,,, but at the same time it's a pipsqeek and a complete idiot. And a born loser. Do not be deceived by *seeing* things from "their/it's" perspective...it is an ERRONEOUS perspective.




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