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Thousands evacuate as Caribbean volcano erupts but only the vaccinated to be evacuated


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Are they going to send in rescue mission folk now, who will lovingly jab those who haven't had it? 

"It's your only way to safety!" 


Along with this, they will push the agenda more saying this could happen to anyone. Better to be safe than sorry, get jabbed. 




Can't take it anymore. 


It's beyond disgusting. 

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"Cruise ships were dispatched to evacuate the island after the 4,000-foot high volcano La Soufrière erupted on Friday.
However, Ralph Gonsalves, the Prime Minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, gave a press conference warning that those who hadn’t taken the jab would be left to fend for themselves."




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  • Poul Nelb changed the title to People on volcano-stricken island told they won’t be rescued if they haven’t had the Covid vaccine

Assuming it's true from...er...lifesite news 😏

Only the vaccinated can escape St. Vincent’s volcano via rescue cruise ships, says island PM

As thousands flee continuing volcanic eruptions, surrounding countries and government-run shelters are only welcoming those who have had COVID-19 shots and vaccines are mandated to board rescue cruise ships.
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Makes sense that they would do that. I'm sure it's because of travel restrictions with regards to vaccinations and not necessarily a conspiracy against those unvaccinated that they perish in fire and ash because of their unholy unvaccinated state.


But the rumour mill will turn.

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