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The Politics Of Official Disclosure Regarding The Alien Presence

Hegel Schmegel

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Those pushing for UFO Disclosure obviously must think the alien presence among us to be benign.


Mr. Icke has spoken at length of the Spider and how it virtually extends into the lower-fourth dimension, inhabited by beings of low-level consciousness.


Yes, humanity must first awaken if it is to spiritually evolve. Awaken and intervene on its own behalf. Yet there are those of firm belief who feel that Disclosure would ultimately free us from this prison planet.


Generally speaking, the ladder of upward mobility here on Earth is an inverted version of the biblical Jacob's. Aspirants rise to the top and are then looked up to for the answers. Enter high-ranking statesmen, military brass, and other V.I.P.s on record as to the existence of ufonauts in our midst. We are supposed to be impressed by this, and indeed numerous Disclosure advocates certainly are.


Yet I wonder: Just what is a Rockefeller doing interested in UFOs? What is a prominent ufologist doing taking his research to Silicon Valley? Is mentioning names within a U.S left-wing administration, as some UFO researchers have done, supposed to lend weight to the phenomenon?


I've been thinking of late as to the seeming politics behind official UFO disclosure. There seems to me to possibly be a political undercurrent to all this, based on a lot of the characters involved, who would like very much for governments of the world to come clean as to what they know about this alien presence in our skies and waters.


Note how few conservatives and especially Christians who study or follow this field are pro-Disclosure. It's true that in the latter case there is likely a religious reason for this. It may not be so much a need to uphold a geocentric belief system as it is a wariness as to the entire concept of an alien savior, one toting various far-out technologies in order to get us to "ascend."


It's been said humanity is not yet spiritually advanced enough to be welcomed into the Galactic Federation, and yet there are those humans in high positions who wish and seek to spacefare and terraform other habitable planets, or think via Disclosure that this in itself would act as the catalyst that would see to humanity evolving and experiencing a dramatic paradigm shift ... and away from dependence on fossil fuels, for example.


There have been close encounter experiencers who tell of just how concerned the aliens are of man-made climate change. You don't say? Disclose and imagine the many gifts on offer for humanity! All sorts of new nuts-and-bolts and dazzling baubles and perhaps a state-of-the-art mower for the lawn that operates by way of telekinesis. These ET supremacists are practically drooling, they can hardly contain their dewy-eyed enthusiasm.


Is this what consciousness expansion is all about? Advanced technology to go with our lasers, fiber optics, and microchips?


Undoubtedly, the globalists would love for Disclosure to happen, as this would likely present the need for nation-states to dissolve and come together in the face of a potential common enemy or, if proven our visitors to be benevolent, to still unify, become less territorial.


Would Disclosure really free us from the Spider or ensnare us even further? Would not the corrupt and soulless atop the ladder simply misappropriate any gifts that this alien presence would bestow on us, even if it turned out these aliens were benign? And, getting to the gist of this post, are there perhaps less humanitarian and more earthly motives behind some of those pushing for this envisioned and much anticipated turning point in human history?

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6 hours ago, Hegel Schmegel said:

It's been said humanity is not yet spiritually advanced enough to be welcomed into the Galactic Federation,


The exact opposite is true ....All aliens we encounter at this time are malevolent .. These are the same ET's who have always been here controlling humanity . 5,000 years ago this control  was overt , they walked among us , used us as slaves , then they depart from public view and used human helpers (Cabal/illuminati) to control us....


They are now about to return to public awareness , land in craft .... After human society collapses more  ...They will pretend to be friendly , saying with their advanced knowledge and tech they can lead us and save us from disaster ...


If humanity falls for this deception it's the end for us ... 


The likely way this will roll out has all been outlined in  V the original series ... they do have to tell us first! 





Malevolent ET behind a human façade


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Israel is said to be the global leader in tech innovation, a country overflowing with brainy entrepreneurs and intimately connected to benighted Silicon Valley. It's also one of the world's leaders in the manufacturing of robots. There are some who speculate that many of the otherworldly discs and craft that are observed in the skies around the world are largely of Israeli origin, piloted by automatons or remotely. So when someone out there, with a once high-ranking position in their own space program, comes out with a fantastic story like there existing aliens among us seeking contact, wisdom says to take revelations of this nature with a grain of salt. These may only be attempts at preparing humanity for some spectacular event in order to usher in the damnable Singularity -- or, from a Christian perspective, the nonhuman "Man of Desolation."

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This isn't to suggest that mankind has not been visited by legitimate interstellar inhabitants dating back centuries. There were the Viminas of ancient India, for example, and so forth, and yet as far as recorded history informs, even back then the mode of human transportation did not change all that much, unless you factor in accounts of flying horses.


The preternatural or hyperphysical realms exist and the agents of the demiurge can take on tangible forms in accordance with the Zeitgeist of the space-time continuum. These ones are also thought to be directly involved and influential in political affairs at the highest of levels.


Incidentally, the unfallen angels also possess this power to manifest themselves as daimonic entities, at times dining with the sons of men or engaging them in intellectually stimulating discourse. They do not require wings to move about, nor spacecraft. These volatile appendages of theirs are mere metaphors, yet often reinterpreted to read as jet-packs by the woefully mechanically minded who look back on historical reports through a modernized, distorted lens. Conversely, the kosmokrators needn't flying saucers to transport themselves nor, like the wee folk, their captives.


There has likely been a trade-off of monumental proportions between the archons/subterraneans and those who, like Crowley, have opened gateways and made pacts so as to satisfy their satanic ambitions.


No doubt there are and have been spiritually enlightened starseeds among us, like Jesus of Nazareth, whose aim is/was to show us the pathway to the Pleroma beyond the illusion, as opposed to simply taking us to the stars with promises of energetic gifts far more advanced than our present propulsion systems, perpetually reverse-engineering and yet nevertheless confined to the archontic dome.


Theirs is a predominantly secular if not atheist dream and "aspiration," based strictly in five-sense reality, or even worse if you factor posthuman agendas into the equation. At this point in time, this seems to be the diabolic goal of the Watchers: to entrap us further in materiality, at the very risk of losing our souls.


The label on this particular Pandora's Box may in fact read Disclosure. The advocates speak of this as if it will be the next best thing to happen to mankind since the advent of birth control. These ones seem blissfully unaware of the Spider's stratagem, totally ignorant of the terrestrial powers at work in the world, operating the strings. For the most part, the pro-Disclosure gentry envision ET in a benevolent light, as potential saviors, but I find it hard to believe that Christly Space Brothers would want or would have anything to do with low-souled military personnel and high-level, seedy politicians, when in all likelihood spiritually advanced aliens would be far above and beyond war and base & corrupt power structures.


We are left with either a malevolent "extraterrestrial" force at play behind the Disclosure movement, or a bunch of useful idiots consciously or unwittingly in league with those pushing for a New World Order (the political component).


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One of the things I've observed and admired about Mr. Icke's overall message is how refreshingly Earth-centric it is, in a sense. The need for consciousness expansion as individuals, and concerns for the freedom of future generations on Earth is often given heed to.


Within certain alternative and UFO communities, however, the fundamental issue pertaining to mankind's welfare and salvation revolves around, not the sovereignty and liberty of the individual, but rather some benevolent ET presence in our midst and hence the need for government Disclosure of this -- revelations, they say, that would help to ensure mankind's evolution as a space-faring species.


Firstly, evolution. I notice how frequently this term is used within the aforementioned community, within the context of their collectivist dream of terraforming other worlds, by way of supposed back-engineered, state-of-the-art propulsion systems/anti-gravitic technology. Meanwhile, the need for improving the inner man is all but absent from this intergalactic, scientifically ambitious, worldview.


It's been over 70 years since Roswell and to this day certain ones are still enthusiastically riding the extended treadmill of this much-debated event.


Some close encounter experiencers have in recent years resorted to alarmism. The ecosystem is out of balance! The environment is out of control! There are too many of us on the planet! We need to get off it in order to survive!


Naturally, these ones point to the presumed positive ET presence as our potential, if not only, means of averting all this doom-and-gloom. Hence, why they are working so hard at seeing to official Disclosure. This alien technology, they believe, will help bring an end to our dependence on fossil fuels and help to usher in a glorious age of singing Kumbaya alongside benevolent Space Brothers.


One such self-perceived pundit within the close encounter community has even gone so far as to say that anyone who denies the environmental warnings of the Aliens are those belonging to the dark side. So very twisted, this.


If this is not a perfect example of the politicization of the UFO phenomenon, I don't know what is. Yet, rather craftily, these very ones skewedly try and turn it around and claim that talk of the Deep State among those concerned primarily with "NWO conspiracies" here on Earth is what is being politicized! That the Deep State or Secret Government was, in their view, originally designed specifically to keep the presence of (enlightened, technologically advanced) space visitors from being made known to the public, that the DS has nothing whatsoever to do with controlling the U.S. political system other than to keep whatever president is in office from knowing the truth about the alien presence and by extension every other American/Earthling as well. In other words, as they see it, the Deep State is keeping this cosmic knowledge concealed from us in order to keep humanity confined to the planet, which is in deep trouble due to an archaic space-shuttle program as well as man-made climate change brought on by our dependence on "dirty" oil and emitting of CO2.


To reiterate for emphasis what I stated in an herein-above post, all this strikes me as not only having a deep political undertone and an agenda seemingly in alignment with the globalists/technocrats (who long for humanity becoming a hive mind, as some collective bride to be presented to the heavens), but one which also conspicuously fails to take into consideration the spiritual component of those whose natural habitat in this dimension/realm is the one we find ourselves born into.


My own personal belief in an afterlife in which -- for better or for worse -- consciousness survives is unwavering. If you are a Christian, then you know what the Bible says about the purpose and destiny of Earth, of it having been created for humans and of it one day being restored to its original state. Or if all you have is but an inkling of there existing more to us than just our five senses and physical containers, what has reaching the Pleiades got to do with the cost of a carbon tax?

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