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Elon Musk shares video of Neuralink monkey playing video game with its mind


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Elon Musk has created a cyborg monkey capable of playing video games with its mind using brain-reading implants.

The technology could someday be used to download memories into robots and help people with paralysis communicate with their thoughts, according to Musk.



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No one in there right mind would take that tech, or want it.


If elon musk wants to plays games with his brain, let him do it to himself.


Disgusting technology.


Although such techs are in high tech planes, as people can think faster then they can think, and react with limbs to move or push buttons, or levers in flights of planes, like in dog fights.


It was called psychotronic techs, and such planes use super computers. The stealth fighter has that tech, and super computer, and the psychotronic techs was originally stolen from russians during cold war. Its been in stealth fighters for decades, showing how far advanced military high grade techs are, compared to consumer techs. The techs allow pilots, to activate weapons and use weapons faster, then you can with your brain to hand communication can.


So, you would think what musk is showing here, was probably being done back in maybe 1970s in secret labs, in usa, or soviet union. Shows you how long ago, such ideas and techs existed.


No one in there right mind would want such techs in them.

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No one in their right mind would believe wearing a face mask could protect them from a "global pandemic". Nor would any right minded person take an untested "vaccine" to combat a "virus" which has a 99% survival rate.


Never underestimate stupid, my friends.

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