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UK scientists: “Resurgence in hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine.” https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/uk-scientists-resurgence-in-hospitalisations-and-deaths-is-dominated-by-those-that-have-received-two-doses-of-the-vaccine/


COVID-19: Pandemic? Or Cult? https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/covid-19-pandemic-or-cult/


Email we have received from a man convinced with good reason the ‘vaccine’ killed his fiancé. It’s a tragic story to be read to the end to see how ‘vaccine’-connected deaths are not being recorded https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/email-we-have-received-from-a-man-convinced-with-good-reason-the-vaccine-killed-his-fiance-its-a-tragic-story-to-be-read-to-the-end-to-see-how-vaccine-connected-deaths-are-not-being-recorde/


Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told – Only £10\$10 All Weekend https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/renegade-everything-you-need-to-know-but-have-never-been-told-only-10-each-all-weekend/


‘Utopia’: Where we’re going – fast https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/utopia-where-were-going-fast/


Biden tells lie after lie about ‘gun control’ when the real reason is to disarm the population for his Cult masters before the complete takeover of America – see Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot. Biden appoints lunatic David Chipman, who defended Waco murders, as gun czar https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/biden-tells-lie-after-lie-about-gun-control-when-the-real-reason-is-to-disarm-the-population-for-his-cult-masters-before-the-complete-takeover-of-america-see-stalin-hitler-mao-and-pol-pot-bid/


The Biden crime family (see Clinton crime family) – Hunter Biden laptop pictures with prostitutes and taking crack cocaine https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/the-biden-crime-family-see-clinton-crime-family-hunter-biden-laptop-pictures-with-prostitutes-and-taking-crack-cocaine/


Carlson: Bill Gates thinks he’s God and now wants to dim the sun https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/carlson-bill-gates-thinks-hes-god-and-now-wants-to-dim-the-sun/


We Live In A Simulation Created By A Non-Human Entity – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/we-live-in-a-simulation-created-by-a-non-human-entity-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast/


The effect of RNA on DNA means that mRNA ‘vaccines’ can permanently alter your DNA https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/the-effect-of-rna-on-dna-means-that-mrna-vaccines-can-permanently-alter-your-dna/


Carlson: Bill Gates thinks he’s God and now wants to dim the sun https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/carlson-bill-gates-thinks-hes-god-and-now-wants-to-dim-the-sun/





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Pardon me, please...



Definition of simulation


1 : the act or process of simulating
2 : a sham object : counterfeit
3a : the imitative representation of the functioning of one system or process by means of the functioning of another a computer simulation of an industrial process
b : examination of a problem often not subject to direct experimentation by means of a simulating device

Definition of reality


1 : the quality or state of being real
2a(1) : a real event, entity, or state of affairs his dream became a reality
(2) : the totality of real things and events trying to escape from reality
b : something that is neither derivative nor dependent but exists necessarily
3 : television programming that features videos of actual occurrences (such as a police chase, stunt, or natural disaster) often used attributively reality TV
in reality
: in actual fact
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Thanks for your work D.I. and G.I.

Listened to dotconnecter talk.


One thing about vaccine effects in addition to the ones talked about. If the vaccine causes the immune system to turn against itself, parts of it, or the body as some researchers have suggested...because if "covid" is actually naturally "exosomes" and part of the detoxification process, that would of course subvert that process.


The deeper stuff David was talking about; changing the body, and the decoding, and personality of a person brings another seeming possibility; "collectively" the humans are a kind of entity, with characteristics blended together as characteristic of that entity, what I'm getting at is within that entity there can be a kind of "immune" system, which would be the connection/communication to The Higher Infinite Consciousness(Source of Truth) depending on degrees that the individuals that make it up are accessing/operating with IT, meaning; TRUTH is part of our "immune system", individually, and collectively...now...what if the previously stated effect possibility within individuals( their immune systen is compromised and turns offensive against itself/body),,, what if the artificial intelligence(Matrix entity) driving all this crap is using this individual effect within, will also be an effect externally/collectively; in other words; the people who are most awake and tuned into that Higher Consciousness are part of an immune system within the larger collective,, if people who have had the vaccine experience the above mentioned effect, I think it's probable they will also collectively express it externally against Truth tellers and germaphobia scoffers(who are acting as kind of the part of anti-bodies against untruth/deception)(mental illness/delusion)..


I'm kinda rambling here, but I just feel that they might be being set up for something larger and more,,, almost a sort of "zombie apocalypse" against the unvaccinated, disobedient.


There are a lot of things/effects/processes that occur within the body physical that can be metaphors for whats going on in other areas/levels. Cancer is an obvious one. Christ(Truth) is the anti-body.(Spirit/Spiritual).


It's kinda looking to me that short of a spontaneous healing(wake-up) the best we can do is help shrink it, get people awake enough to make it to The Real World when their body expires. It may go on for another million years before it finally collapses and dissolves into the nothingness from which it came. "They" will fail, it's inevitable. Absolute certainty. So, it's all really just a pathetic waste of "time" and self-punishment for nothing. They only enslave and torture parts of themselves.

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