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Best infographics & memes to wake up 'normies' (for stickers, posters, leaflets, etc.)


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If anyone has suggestions for the best infographics & memes, etc. that they think would be effective in waking people up to the Covid fraud, please post them here. Pictures/memes are more immediate and stick in the mind better.


I was thinking of combining one or two memes/graphics with other scientific and factual information and some website links on a leaflet or sticker.  Any suggestions for the best sites to link to would also be welcome.


Please post one graphic per comment if possible so they can be discussed more easily.





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4 hours ago, Chris P. Bacon said:

1This all apply to our governments. Isn't it insane?1



Cheers @Chris P. Bacon. Agreed - it is insane. i'd heard people talk about this, but the graphic you linked to lays it out nice and clearly. I've pasted it below-



Reminds me about another graphic I saw recently and shared elsewhere on the forum. Some similar techniques used here-



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