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people dont understand what is State


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people dont understands what is  United Slaveowners Union  

nazi eumpire holy lolipope pedophilia sharia terror and class discriminate ,  genetically prior Kingdom , Horny State 

aroman ceasar Savile Caligula , Saudi Weinstein Harem and prince Andy Dick Epstein Great

satanic private  interest rate 

its a confidental business secret 

people dont understand what is State 

just as people dont understand what is digitalization really for and what is Internet 

its a politically organized robbery as commercial product , atractive carrot for the donkeys . 

banksters vaccine gangster corporation nanochip 

remote controlled  plastic banana for brainwashingtoned  monkeys 

package  ,  bordered space made and advertised by wolfs from wolfstreet

vampire empire  need to have a lot of humans as a bordered sheep

to  enslave  ,  rape children and  sacrifice them  all 

and to robb working class  , destabilize economy , steal scientific research and  intellectual property ,

snake poison beast to bite the Planet Apple  , its a INTEL business goal 

and of course for habsburgers genetically prior  Macdonald Imperial Castle  on barbecue have ready meat 

all humanity caught in reptilian spiders imperial extraterrestrial web and net  

artificial monetary printing devils power seat 

with journalist Khashoggy and Asange silenced 

every human with a mask , like a Jesus on a cross  grilling on Sun heat 




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