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News is about that which is 'New', hence 'The News'. We expect the news to be a report on important events that occur, events that effect us.


Somethes the news of what happened, has itself consequences for Politics. Those watching the news are also effected by the news. It is this effect upon the public that had made the news a great source of propaganda because as its often live and real, people tend to take it for truth granted and not notice the influence that its manipulated 'truth' has upon them.


So 'Fake News' is cognitive dissonance in itself. Fake or 'False' and News or 'New Truth'. So Fake News is 'False New Truth' and that is a misnomer in itself......but its true!


How is it possible that the News is being altered to fit an agenda. Its represented as just, what actually happened. However the truth of what happened has been presented to you in a way that alters your perception of what was the original truth. This is propaganda and almost every news outlet engages in it to some degree. The best deceptions are 99% true.


There is therefore no real 'News' anymore, there's more like 'Perceptions'. You can tune into these stations for this type of perception or you can tune into these stations for that type of perception.


So where is the truth? Where is the basic, real raw news? Well, for that you'd have to whiteness it yourself. For their services of journalism and media you are subject to their news and thus their influence upon it which changes what you see, how you see it, what they say about it and just like theatre they can alter your perception of any situation.


Sometimes they just don't report the story and sometimes they just flat out lie. For Liberals truth is based on belief, not fact. They all follow the Party Line. So even when they know something isn't true or is even a lie and they know it, they will still support it, as by doing so they believe they're supporting the cause because for them the ends justify the means.


But fear not there's always balance to the force. As much as one side lies and twists the news, there is another side doing the exact same thing but in opposition.


Beware those who claim the 'centre', for they lean so slightly you'd never notice. Know them then by their fruits.



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