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Former director of the CIA James Woolsey says he was skeptical about aliens until a friend's aircraft was 'paused at 40,000ft'.


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A former CIA director has spoken of his new 'openness' to the possibility of alien life, telling a story of an airplane that was brought to a halt at 40,000 feet, and saying he hope that mankind was 'friendly' to extraterrestrials, if they ever made contact.

R. James Woolsey, who ran the CIA from 1993-1995, spoke to The Black Vault's YouTube channel on Friday.

Woolsey, 79, spoke to promote his new book, Operation Dragon - in which he claims that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK on the orders of the Kremlin.


Plane paused in mid-air by UFO?

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So he Says in his new book he believes Oswald killed Kennedy ... and the Russians were behind it .... lol ..polls show even the US public don't believe Oswald killed Kennedy ...


He's also using this book launch as an opportunity to prepare people for the open return of ET's


He just .... "Hopes that we can be friendly and able to deal with a wide range of behaviors, in terms of dealing with ..... other creatures if they exist".


So if the returning ET's want to eat us , just be tolerant ...


They will be arriving soon , probably after ZA (WWZ)  .. these are the same malevolent  ET's who secretly control society using the Cabal 

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