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Former director of the CIA James Woolsey says he was skeptical about aliens until a friend's aircraft was 'paused at 40,000ft'.


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A former CIA director has spoken of his new 'openness' to the possibility of alien life, telling a story of an airplane that was brought to a halt at 40,000 feet, and saying he hope that mankind was 'friendly' to extraterrestrials, if they ever made contact.

R. James Woolsey, who ran the CIA from 1993-1995, spoke to The Black Vault's YouTube channel on Friday.

Woolsey, 79, spoke to promote his new book, Operation Dragon - in which he claims that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK on the orders of the Kremlin.


Plane paused in mid-air by UFO?

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So he Says in his new book he believes Oswald killed Kennedy ... and the Russians were behind it .... lol ..polls show even the US public don't believe Oswald killed Kennedy ...


He's also using this book launch as an opportunity to prepare people for the open return of ET's


He just .... "Hopes that we can be friendly and able to deal with a wide range of behaviors, in terms of dealing with ..... other creatures if they exist".


So if the returning ET's want to eat us , just be tolerant ...


They will be arriving soon , probably after ZA (WWZ)  .. these are the same malevolent  ET's who secretly control society using the Cabal 

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hello everybody




re: who cares what woolsey thinks


i am expected to believe that a former c.i.a. director believes that oswald killed j.f.k.? woolsey is is not a half-wit -- so his book is disinformation. why should we pay any attention to anybody who is deliberately misleading us? there are truthful sources of information, so why are we allowing ourselves to be mind-manipulated?




have a great day everybody

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That's interesting....


But a lot of the GI's who were tasked with guarding crashed UFO's back in the 60's tended to believe the craft were man-made. From my coming book:


David tells the story of how, very early in the morning of 10th December 1964, he saw a UFO when he was on duty, guarding the motor pool, at Camp Forsythe military base in Kansas.


While on guard he was relieved by a soldier in a truck, but instead of going back to the barracks where the guards slept they drove away from the camp. Coming to a stop he saw two other enlisted men, from a specialist force class and a number of officers. The first thing that struck him as strange was that men were usually given only three rounds of ammunition, but now each was given a full clip from the back of truck. He was told that a secret aircraft from Offutt Airford base Nebraska had become disabled and come down somewhere near the camp. They hiked three or four hills, taking about thirty five to forty five minutes, it was quite dark, when all of a sudden he heard a thrashing sound, it was a Huey helicopter with a bright beam scanning the ground when then scanned then and all of a sudden it moved over the ground ahead and dramatically lit up a large round disc shaped object, some hundred and fifty feet away.


“My god it looks like a flying saucer” he remembers saying jokingly.

It looked like hamburger bun, and he noticed something like fan or a large round port opening like a large exhaust port. He moved close to the object, and at about a foot from the object he noticed warm air coming from the saucer.


Then they were told to leave as they were no longer needed. They were told never to reveal or repeat wat they saw because it was a secret object from Offutt airforce base, and is wondered to himself later, why if that thing was paid in 1964 with taxpayer dollars why hasn’t it been revealed now.


It was only by sheer good fortune that another caller, Louie, called in after an interminable delay during which Stringfield played for time and seemed determined to try to block David and show no interest or even refer to his story.


Louis was serving with the National Guard at Wichita Kansas and recounts how they were taken to Camp Ripley in Minnesota during June 1964. They were part of some kind of night-time war-games simulation and had been trained on how to use special night vision scopes, and were told that a special assault group was going to attack them and they were not to move from their positions under any circumstances. However, after midnight he got tired of sitting in the same foxhole and went for a walk to stretch his legs, he heard something so he hid himself so he wouldn’t get in any trouble for disobeying instructions. 


He saw a soldier with a different kind of uniform and a different kind of helmet, and he had some kind of special night sighting device which looked more advanced than his and also his weapon looked different, like a submachine gun but smaller. He followed him for a while and he seemed to suspect he was being followed but every time he turned around the man managed to hide himself. Then suddenly Louis could no longer see the man and following his footprints he saw that they ended suddenly.  He wondered where he had gone, and saw a tree and cursed himself because it must be that he had climbed the tree and had got the best of him. Then the air was strangely warm and there was a down draft and he noticed that strangely there were no stars in the sky, he looked and saw that above him was a large black circular object blocking out the night sky. He heard a metal door slide away and heard electronic sounds and something like the sound of hydraulic equipment. There was a kind of gentle warm air current beneath the saucer, and he thought that this was connected to the form of propulsion. There was no motor noise, just a whine of electronic equipment, he was so startled he fell backwards on the ground. There were red black out light inside the open square door. Could hear voices talking inside 40 feet above him. He had called in because it seemed to be the same kind of UFO which David had been guarding, complete with the feeling of warm air and the black colour. Years later he saw a copy of Mechanix Illustrated story about super soldiers and experimental military gear which had not been adopted and he recognised the same radio-helmet with an antenna in the top, he had seen the soldier wearing along with the new night vision scope, this is what the guy had been carrying.


He now felt that he was in way over his head and that he had violated orders. The next day the officers were so furious that someone had left their position that they had the whole unit standing out in the sun for three hours and they were screaming at them to find out who had disobeyed orders and left their post to follow the guy, he was so frightened that he didn’t mention it to his best buddies for four years.


He added that on different occasions he also saw vertical take-off planes, they usually took off on a moonless night, from the Lockheed buildings took off almost without noise, but with a kind of hydraulic whine similar to the sound of the UFO. He suspected that they were something in the inventory of the US army.




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