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its a carefully designed labyrinth for humanity , and its politically digitalized .


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Babyloanic empire ,  leaded  by  aroman vampire  ,

by capital evil  political savilian society private interest  

its  a carefully designed labyrinth for rest of humanity  

and now  its even  digitalized so wherever human and humanity go 

by savilian digital  button there comes another limit and another wall , another bomb ,  and its advertised as law 

gangsta  private business infrastructure show 

prefixed mafia casino royale  , Godfather  banksta loyale

United Slaveowners & all humanity robbery internazionale ,

sexslavery by Lolita Express ,  Virgin Islands harem orgy unioniale 

plus brain microchip commercial advertisers , criminal monetary printing monetizers 

Thiscoin & Thatcoin , lot of printing business going 

humanity caught in spiders web and net 

all humanity intelligence stolen by the internet

artificial intel extraterrestrial this & That  

and there is no way out

inside labyrinth humanity scream and shout

children raped and sexually vaccinated by genetically prior  fairytail  , unelected horny solomanic crown psychocreep

very holy Knightclub of The Lolypopes as saudi sharia harem priests with a private sexorcism  strip & trip .

they need to increase private security  and control The Climate and Environment to have orwelian  control and satisfaction ,

while  Khashoggy  , Jesus and Asange must wear the mask and shut up , so Fuckingthem Palace  can get erection. 


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  • jupiter changed the title to its a carefully designed labyrinth for humanity , and its politically digitalized .

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