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Astral Spiders


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For the last year i have 3 astral spiders on me. First i saw them as transparent, now i can only feel them sucking energy from me. One night i had a  out of body experience, i saw a big yellow/black spider next to me in clear sight, and another brown on my head, smoke like energy was beamiongh from my head to the spider. My experience is that these spiders are bad, but im not 100% sure. They keep me up at night, i hardly sleep. Many people have these spiders on them, its whats make you anxiety, depression, panic attacks etc, just trust me on that. Me and  a very few others notice them crawling on the body daily. They are real! I had some experiene that i cant even talk about, as you would all think im crazy. The best thing to keep your sanity and ability to stay strong is no orgasm whatsoever or alcohol use. I feel them draining my chakras, but as i can feel them i dont get anxiety or panic attacks anymore, thats the positive thing. As i i can feel them crawling inside and above my body. Most peoples pain are caused by these entities. I noticed that they will be less of a pain if you stop having orgasm as it seems they feed on that energy. Start doing positive things, stop being angry and negative. Be loving and helpfull to others and your energy level will rise. Dont drink alcohol as they feed on that energy aswell, dont eat crap food, they will also feed on the energy on some drugs. I have no answer, just try to be more loving and remove the anger and hate. I know its hard, im struggling too. No alcohol, no orgasm or porn, drugs, be more loving and it will be better. Orgasm is something most people cant be without, but ask yourselfs whats more important, a few seconds of orgasm or having those entities on you.
Also they feed on people who isolate themselfs. Go out in the sun, talk to people if you can. Have a clean house as they like the dirt. Dont make promises to yourself that you cant keep, as it will turn negative in your mind when you break them. Negative energy is what you need to loose. Take walks outdoors if you can. Let the sunlight into your home. Embrace the love and dont give in to anger or hate or even judge other people. As that is negative energy. Stay strong and loving. Dont be afraid of death, death is just another birth. As the astral spiders exist, means death is not the end. Proof right there. We need to stay strong during these times. More and more people are seeing these spiders and feel them, might be what the vaccine for coivid 19 is for, just a guess. As they are pushing it same time as we humanity are merging with the 5th dimension. So i will never take that vaccine, and you need to talk to people as much as you can and not stay isolated.
I wasted tons of money on sage, it does not work. Prayer have not helped for me personaly, but when i entered a church for 40 minutes they become more aggresive hurting me alot. But something grabbed the spider i have in my heart chakra, pulling it out while i was in the church to ease the pain. But it couldnt remove it.
Im not the only one with this, so i write this to any of you that experience the same thing to stay strong. This is my experience with these spiders for the last year. Ive even seen red and black butterflies, snake like creatures flying in the air. Mantis and big bugs. Before whenever i had orgasm i saw blue and white portals on my wall, bed and roof. And if you focus your 3d eye, you can see the shadows sometime. And again if you dont belive me this post is not for you. But for those who are new to these experiences.

Whenever i post this on youtube it gets deleted the same second!


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Hello Steelpie,


I too believe these entity's exist. I have not seen them like you but I know when they are trying to affect me e.g. feelings of irrational anger and fear, do they put these feelings into us sometimes? to get us to 'bite'? The energy they feed off us is called 'Loosh' as described by Robert Munroe.

I think everyone gets negative entity's attached to them, some more stubborn to remove than others. I use a pendulum and chart to find how many are attached to me or anyone else. You can ask Archangel Michael to remove any negative entity's attached to you or someone else. You can also ask him for the conscious level to be raised to 1000, This means the dark ones need to remove that to be able to attack.

I believe in angels and demons, they both get into our heads, like when a thought pops into your head its probably not your own.

I am no expert just stuff I've heard, seen ,read, trial and error etc..

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Yes they do exist. ive noticed they push gas from the stomach up to your lungs making your breath harder. Therefore many people probably gets panic attacks. As i could controll it to a certain point. And i feel the spider sitting on my chest pushing, and yes i do feel its legs all over my chest. Sometimes they burry them inside my heart chakra, or spine and that hurt like hell. But they even healed a big wound i had on my shoulder, therefore i have mixed feelings about them. Sometimes they sit on the feet and knees sucking energy as i can feel it. But there are always one on top of my head, who i belive is the one in controll. When i used a heart chakra frequensy on my phone and put it near them, they moved, and keept moving away from that sound and belive me i felt them moving away from that sound. You are correct they give you bad thoughts, sometimes thoughts that makes you afraid of yourself. But as long as you know who you are you will be fine as you have the power. They have even giving me vission once, where i could follow another person in a shoping mall when i had my eyes closed. I saw it as i was there walking. People, signs, shops, shopping carts you name it. It was like i was there when in reality i was laying in my bed. Dont ask me how. That only happend once, and that was after an intense orgasm that they more or less forced me into. There used to be a very large spider sitting near my penis, and yes i felt the spider as it was huge like a dog with its legs sucking energy from my sexual parts. I belive the spider on the head controll the others. But ive taken benso that ive bought online, as someone said they dont like that. So i tried. Maybe thats a reason, people hardly get those drugs anymore. And they dont like that one bit. I havent notice them now for about 3 weeks, even though ive been out of benso for 3 days. But last night i woke up saw a spider crawling on my roof while i was still in a sleeping state, and another very big one beside me on the wall. The thing is dont give them attention or even be scared of them. Thats what they feed of. As prayer has not helped me perrsonaly, but probably them i have on me are very strong demon like creatures. I have more stories to tell, but it willl be hard enough for most of you to belive this. One story is about pure evil that tried to kill me, it was sulphure all around me floating in the air, i couldnt see a few feet infront of me and i coulodnt breath and it burned me, i even had burn marks after. The forest outside my house was flaming with ashes. My dog felt it before i did, she ran away very far from the house, she have never done that before. Suddenly 2 pure white orbs circulated me, and one circulated something infront of me. And in that moment i could breath and it didnt burn anymore. A voice said run, i ran to my car and drove away to my sister. The air was fillled with sulphure around me as i mentioned i couldnt see infront of me. I belive these pure white orbs where angels that saved me. And that happend during the blood moon 3 years ago. As i said i have more to tell, but most of this will be so hard for most people to even try to udnerstand.

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