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the world using covid to control population


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26 minutes ago, ThunderFace said:


the fuck are you talking about?


four people off the top of my head; david icke, mark passio, michael tsarion, jordan maxwell - have all done an insurmountable amount of work uncovering conspiracies grounded in facts.


stating "conspiracys" are based of instinct or feelings is legit some of the most ignorant shit ive read on this site. & that's saying something.


do not project your own mental lethargy on people who have real courage & put in real work, real fuckin effort, with veracity towards uncovering what actually goes on on this planet.


you sound like a brain washed new age fuck with no substance.

holy fuck man!

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On 4/7/2021 at 9:48 PM, Shining-one said:

Above all, data taken from young mothers. We would need very high percentages of failed births. This would not take long to put together.
To be honest I find it stretches things a bit to accept not a single politician wouldn't say, "Sorry, but I can't agree to culling the population in my country."

The politicians won't know the full plan. They're just following orders from the likes of Gates, who do know the full plan.


Icke has explained this many times. There's a pyramid. Only those at the very top know the plan and those below, for various reasons, are just following orders. Conspiracies just wouldn't work otherwise.


And if you think politicians are strong enough, brave enough, free thinking enough to know something is wrong and stand up to it, then think again. They're some of the weakest, most compromised, easily controlled individuals in their respective countries. Even worse than your average person on the street- whom as we have seen are all too keen to blindly follow and get behind the agenda. It's why they're put into "power" in the first place.

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Just to add there is no chance to win a war against Russia. Without mutually assured destruction. Hypersonic missiles can elude Poland's missile shield and carry multiple warheads. Putin was pretty astute to develop less costly defences and compensate for geographical and conventional weaknesses. His mistake though may be to have jailed Navalniy. This will anger thousands of Russians.
As to conspiracy, I recommend reading on the witch hysteria that swept Europe. This too could have been interpreted as a plot to reduce the population too - but was never suggested at the time. We now know it was mass hysteria. Prior to that was the werewolves mass delusion. So today instead of being accused of being a werewolf, we are carriers of a deadly plague. Yet, we carry no symptoms and the proposed vaccine still makes people carriers. And unaffected children who suffer the mildest symptoms are likewise thought to be at risk. As to the tests, it's just the old float or sink test. Not an ounce of logic or reason in any of it. Very basic Freudian mass hysteria amongst an uneducated elite who can't tell an electron from a chromosone.

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On 4/6/2021 at 9:55 PM, Shining-one said:

I have to disagree. I always regarded conspiracy theories with skepticism. Here's why in this case:
Every single government would have to be persuaded to go along with a plan to depopulate their territories. Now, the fact the Slavic and Russian populations span into serious decline after the fall of the USSR was of major concern to Putin. Putinism made every effort to restore the armed forces and increase living standards. It's most definitely not typical of Putin to be persuaded to lower the population even more. In fact, we're more than ever at the edge of WW3 due to the conflict with NATO.
Add to that the Sputnik vaccine is likewise a point of economic competition. Here there is no co-operation whatsoever.
We can look at many other countries from Japan to Chile. All of them would have had to miraculously agree to a secret plot and be convinced it was a viable alternative. Personally I very much doubt it Especially in light of the fact State security has been infiltrated by hackers - huge data bases in the USA accessed.
If such a plot existed, there would be dissidents, assasinations and whisteblowers.
So, what is it?
My good guess is the biological virus exists but has been gradually exaggerated through mass hysteria and social delusion. It started off as "a problem" but is now a global religion. It's the classic fairy tale of the king's invisible suit. How clever people think they are when claiming only they can distinguish the genius of a suit that makes a man only seem naked. Likewise I don't believe Merkel struts about in her muzzle because she wants to fool the German voters into population control. She actually believes in the Covid religion.
This is all pretty much identical to the mass hysteria over witchcraft that swept Europe. Right down to the bogus tests, social ignorance and manipulation by profiteers.
Sure, drug corporations are milking the fear to make profit. And that is criminally immoral as well as downright dangerous. Specifically why they can collectively stuff their experimental vaccine in the most appropriate place.


Lets put this in perspective.

I live in a country with 83 million people. Right now round about 3-4 people decide the course of action that is taken over those 83 million. That isnt a conspiracy, thats how it works right now.

Before "Covid" it wasnt much different either. Round about 1000 people in top positions decided whats going to happen and what is not.


If you realize that this is already an insane relation to the total population of any given country, you realize it isnt that hard to see that soly a couple of people can indeed control the world.

Lets look from the country to the European Union, a Union that has lots of control over the majority of European States. Put this into proportion of the total number of citizens and you can see again, its madness.


The elite does nothing by chance. They didnt wait until a virus appeared and suddenly could pull all of this nonsense. Such things need to be prepared for, as 9/11 was prepared for. They know what they are doing, they set dates. They have a timeframe. They even make those dates to some extend puplically available. They dont hide it.


There is really not much of a conspiracy to be found. You know simply by looking arround yourself, by simply observing the situation by first hand experience that this isnt soly based on each and every country individually.

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It doesn't really matter. We are a very diverse group. We can't afford to be choosey. This is a conspiracy theory site and I'm not really a conspiracy theorist. However, I'm anti vax so use the site. I don't worry too much about our differences in interpretation.

Given I study Psychology and Neurology, it just seems pretty clear to me there are two causes:

(1) The internet.

(2) Mass, social hysteria.

Does Angela Merkel really believe in the virus as deadly? I think so, yes. 

Recently, I looked up Mikhael Gorbachev's views on the virus. A retured President. The originator of Perestroika and Glasnost states he endorses strict quarantine. Why? Part of the conspiracy? Hardly likely. Like Merkel he just believes in the invisible suit. Amazingly too, Arnold Schwarzenegger saying we should trust the experts. 30 years ago he would have smashed down the gym doors to work out. 

Even Madonna is convinced. 

There is huge power in group suggestion. Just look at all those hysterical women screaming and fainting at former Beatles concerts. Why? Due to mass, cult suggestion. And that's what Covid is. A mix of incompetent politicians, lower tier scientists, social insecurity over job losses and damage caused by the internet. The fact the internet has become a crutch instead of a tool. 

Below: All these women want what their friends want just because it's what the collective group accepted.





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