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Spock ... The true significance of this Star Trek character


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This comes up in a channeling by Karl Mollison of Gene Roddenberry (died 1991) , the creator of the original Star Trek TV series....


The question asked was ..."You corresponded with sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov  about how to address the issue of Spock's growing popularity .. and your concern  that he would overshadow Kirk . Asimov suggested Spock and Kirk worked together as a team so when people think of Spock they think of Kirk . Why was this a concern for you." 


Roddenberry answers by saying the appeal of Spock character was intended as a propaganda message to enchant viewers with the value of having an ET friend and companion advisor if not the ultimate authority ... unclouded by mere human emotion . This was to condition humanity for what is to soon come in our reality , the open arrival of ET's ., offering leadership in solving the many apparent problems human society has ( see original V series) ... These ET's will be the same malevolent ET's who control Earth now , covertly , using illuminati front men ...


Interesting to note a great many Star Trek actors were jewish ... including Kirk and Spock ...so also was Isaac Asimov ... The true controllers , the ET's , use the Jews  for much of their work in manipulating  humanity , it is thought this 'elite' Jewish bloodline is more controllable through mind control ...


5min video Spock explains how the jews conjure their demonic ET god in synagogues 




The  Karl Mollison channeling of Roddenberry can be found at getwisdom.com ... you have to join but there's  no charge. 


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