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An ode to the self-righteous morons


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Apologies to Tom Lehrer 'We Will All Go Together When We Go'.  Any additional verses, anyone?


When you attend a funeral,
It is sad to think that sooner or
Later those you love will do the same for you.
And you may have thought it tragic,
Not to mention other adjec-
Tives, to think of all the weeping they will do.
But don't you worry.

No more ashes, no more sackcloth.
And an armband made of black cloth
Will some day never more adorn a sleeve.
For if the vaccine stuck in you
Gets your friends and neighbors too,
There'll be nobody left behind to grieve.


And you will all go together when you go.
What a comforting fact that is to know.
Universal bereavement,
An inspiring achievement,
Yes, you all will go together when you go.


You will all go together when you go.
Suffused with a virtuous fucking glow.
No one will have the endurance
To collect on his insurance,
Lloyd's of London will be loaded when you go.


You will all go directly to your respective Valhallas.
Go directly, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred.


And you will all die together when you die.
You'll be cancer-ridden corpses by and by.
For you lot no more misery
We will make a big rotisserie,
And we'll laugh our arses off as you fry.



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