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why is universal basic income....

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2 minutes ago, A_Grand_Tale_Of_Horror said:

A bad thing?


Because it will probably eventually be tied to a social credit system. If you value truth and human decency, then you're screwed in a world where telling the truth becomes/is a crime.

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Obviously a bad thing.


If the job market has been destroyed by the Covid hoax and there are no jobs to apply for if you're unemployed then how do you get approved for a basic income to survive ?? The answer of course is you'll get your basic income by doing exactly what the system tell you to do - first it will be mandatory vaccines and after that it will be mandatory microchips.

Don't want a vaccine or microchip implanted into your brain ?? No problem !!! You're free to choose but if you say no your income will be taken away and you'll starve to death.

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Human beings are extremely insincere, give them an inch and they will take by force a mile and kill you for it.

It is not very common that you hear somebody say that you should work for anything you have, and that nothing at all is for free.

And that society should be made in this image.

As soon as you start to give things for free ... where do you get them from?  You take by force from people's bank accounts things that do not belong to you and give them to whoever.

This is evil.


How many heroin addicts do you allow in the classroom?  one or two or a few?  Not too many?
The answer is zero.
Because once you open the door, others will follow, and it demoralises the entire classroom.


They are fundamental and universal principles.


Once you start to steal from people by force, you devalue their work, and then people start to avoid paying "tax" and corruption begins, everywhere.   And then it's violence, everyone lying cheating and stealing.


But ... given the low state of human consciousness, such things are inevitable.

And so the only choice you have is whether you will take care of yourself, work for yourself, and try to be honest ... all along without being naive.  It's not very easy.


Politicians talk about great reset and great peace and ... whatever.  They don't talk about how they are going to thieve from everyone to make this happen, all the while creating laws to facilitate it ... and if people don't like theft or forced immigration then the education system will change so that your children are taught to betray their own blood.

What an insane world, full of evil people.


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