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Would AI need some kind of will or desire to take over?

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Been listening to Elon Musk a bit. He says there is a danger that AI will become more intelligent than humans and then take over. I believe that AI might become super intelligent, but wouldn't it need some kind of will or desire to take over? Does AI have any sort of self interest, in the way that us humans do?


I feel like if AI did become super intelligent it is more likely to be used by a human as a tool/weapon, rather than having any will of it's own to dominate and become the immortal dictator that Elon Musk suggests.


Because he is a billionaire I also don't tend to trust him. Is he just trying to scare us? It does all feel very futile and bleak. Is this a future prediction leaked deliberately by the elite designed to lower morale?


Interested to know peoples' thoughts on this.

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The reason Musk has said this is so he appears , to the casual observer , to be aware of the dangers , to be looking out for humanity ... 


Then he starts his company  putting wires into peoples brains ! ... The idea of this would horrify many ... But it's MUSK ... we can trust him , he's so cool , his company's called Tesla after all , solar panels , electric cars , he's so green ...We can trust him to put wires in our brains ...




The other agenda is to get people to believe AI can take over , then if the cabal did decide to go with a robot takeover , (very unlikely , it's Plan H in the playbook) , then no one will know for sure who's commanding the robots and drones , and the cabal can blame AI .

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AI is a bunch of technologies, algorithms and millions of parameters

(What is AI ?):  https://infokeltai.lt/what-is-artificial-intelligence-ai/


It's hard to trace and find the responsible because of its complexity and it is adding more data which enables AI to learn more and build its autonomous set of rules.


I think some sensitive parameters how "wire" can be influenced can be found unknown

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1 minute ago, Poul Nelb said:

technically it's all in human programming, but it is led to be let to take more spontaneous actions based on it's 'knowledge' and learning, take priority parameters decisions (like car driving)


True, and at least it's designed to be spontaneous, unlike my laughable attempts at NPC AI in Unity which just has a mind of it's bloody own.

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