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ENRON Virgin Islands Harem Climate selling huge amounts of Corona vacines.


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... do you remember how important and big international business was ENRON ,..

and when it turned that it is criminal organization and   they got caught in robbing the world  ,

 suddenly there was 911 planes hitting WTC , and everybody started talking about terrorists instead of ENRON criminals .


ENRON was big suckcessfull business just like Jimmy Savile BBC ,

or like just like  Jefrey Epstein & Prince Dick at Virgin Islands Solomanic Temple Orgy International ,

... and then when Epstein and Prince Dick got caught in organized crime ,

suddenly everybody started to talk about Corona instead of talking about Fuckingthem Palace virus attacking humanity .


meanwhile ENRON screwed working class for  900 billion budget for Virgin Islands Ocean Harem Climate Project , Greta needs it 

and then ENRON Germany and ENRON France screwed europeans for 1800 billions .

then ENRON sold corona vaccines to everybody , its a big business .

and working class will pay another 900 billions arranged by governments 

because governments  usually designing national debts and  thats how politicians make private  profits.


and now ENRON Company CEO Billy Gates will dim the sun and working class will pay another 2000 billions .

i mean, ENRON is big business.   You remember the Greek Crises packages , it all went to Goldman Sachs accounts and with that money ENRON startedt to pay slaves to build them   private oil companies and pyramids  in Iraq and Libya , but they had to kick all iraqis and libyans or syrians out of their homes so now we have lot of immigration created by ENRON Oil corporation ,.... ENRON is huge  just like politically organized  International Monetary Fraud .










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