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aroman empire caesars imperial hat


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... symbolism is secret language of deep state dictatorial oligarchy foundation founded on slavery and international warcrimes  ,.......

statue of freedom has a monarchistic empire crown and it has hand up like a sign of hitlers Sieg Heil which is actually salute to roman caesar known as Ave Caesar  , and then we have british monarchy queen saluting Heil  Hitler or  Ave Caesar .


........ plus i think there is some connection between Capital Hill building architecture and Kaiser Wilhelms imperial military hat .... and  there is more of course ... connection betweeen Weimar cross and Jesuitic Cross and Malta Cross ... ,those roman empire military symbols you find on Hitler and on British Monarchy just as well on every other monarchy and monarchy is based on class discrimination and genetic prioritism  and that  is same operating system as nazis .  ,.......  


those all are same imperial military dictate symbols of  roman empire  and military symbols of every roman-solomanic monarchistic  system which was financing hitlers nazis.

So you find same imperial military symbols with SS nazis  and if you look carefully youll understand that  behind financing  ISIS holy terrorists is again same roman imperial sexslavery harem agency of Saudi Solomon Caesar of Arabia ... just lake very holy sexslavery harem cathedral of roman empire agency of Vatican .   


However here is Capitol Hill building and then german Kaiser Wilhelm imperial military hat and then you find that same hat in swedish monarchy military guard or in any other monarchy i am sure we would find it in imperial SWISS Bank military guard ,




capitol hat.jpg

kaiser swedish helmet.jpg

kasiser hat pickel haub.jpg

kaiser wilhelm  hat4.jpg










asange mask.jpg

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