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Covid vaccines for animals... WTF


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If memory serves right there was an idea about cats passing on covid when all this started last year, it seemed to go all quiet. But now cats, dogs and mink could need a covid vaccine?? This is crazy, even for clown land that we live in. What’s the purpose of this? To kill our pets/ make them sterile, making people’s lives more miserable? News articles like this remind me just how evil the elite truly are 

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No pets, no trees, no o2, no co2, no possessions, no organic vegetables, no organic meat, no hobbies, no social activity, no love, no freedom, no breathing, no church, no sport, no art, no cash, no jobs, no mosque, no truth, no reproducing, no health, no synagogue, no humans, no music, no holidays, no culture, no opinions, no herbs, no history, no respect, no books, no fossil fuel, no pure water, no sun, no peace, no soul, no tradition, no analogue,  no vibration, no natives, no truth, no common sense, no gut feeling, no heart and no to just about everything that we define our species as being.


They are planning more than a reset. They are planning a species change!


Not on my watch though if I can help it.



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I think we are going to have to put our trust in deeper and finer vibe things, beyond this dense existence, and hold onto them with our hearts, and never -ever -be afraid  of transitioning from this world. Because this world is a fleeting thing compared to our Souls and their journeys.

Nothing can take that away from us.

Or animals. They are Souls too. Sometimes better than many of us.

 Meanwhile we get through on our wits and common sense and as much love as we can shine.


I heard people were sacrificing dogs and cats out of sheer fear, throwing them out of windows at the start of this in Wuhan? Am I wrong? Breaks your heart to think people could do that.

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