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Websites/Forums restricting freedom of expression.

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What denotes "extremism" these days is often decided by actual, illiberal radicals doing the silencing and/or intimidating of mere moderates or democratic dissidents into the upholding of long-held Western values.


Consider certain forums which allow for "true" conspiracy theories to be entertained but not "false" ones. How's that for logic? Shouldn't it be left up to the users of the message board to decide what is and what isn't for themselves? (Not here referring to this one, which is a refreshing contrast by comparison.)


An ideological infiltration has taken place and in recent years has been raising its ugly head in various censorious ways, perhaps the height of which was the recent witnessing of a U.S. president (one no longer in office), the leader of a superpower of all people, being banned from a social media platform! Downright anti-democratic this was; an act which smacked of truly obscene extremism and hubris, whether one much cared for this POTUS or not.


I know how cults operate. Control the information. Ferret out those with critical thinking skills and those with inquiring minds and demonize them as being the problem. Label them in disparaging terms and close-minded, groundless stereotypes. Excommunicate them if you have to. Say they're the ones in need of help and being deprogrammed. All very twisted and topsy-turvy.


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22 hours ago, bamboozooka said:

anyone notice when you turn on your vpn this forum asks you to fill in a capcha


Thats perfectly normal, its a security measure triggered by a change of IP address. Also it might be the case that the IP address you have been allocated is on some spam watchlist due to some misuse by a previous user.

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I tried to upload the speech from David Icke on 29-8-2020 on youtube. Before I even uploaded it, it was removed and I got a stern warning. Seriously wth?! Seems they even are tracking you when you are making content before you are uploading it. Youtube has gone in the shitter, although for most that's probably old news.

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