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Radioactive waste accident in North Carolina

Ibizan Hound

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Truck carrying radioactive uranium compound crashes, closing North Carolina highway

Wednesday, 31 March 2021 11:00 PM

A truck carrying a radioactive compound dumped part of its load Wednesday on southbound Interstate 95 in Cumberland County, creating a delicate cleanup and hours of traffic delays.

Two of the four 1,000-gallon containers of uranium hexafluoride the truck was carrying fell off at about 11:45 a.m. between Exit 55 and Exit 58 for Interstate 295 near Wade. No injuries were reported, and none of the material leaked from the containers, said Gene Booth, Cumberland County's emergency management director.

Uranium hexafluoride is a low-level radioactive material used in the nuclear fuel enrichment process. It's often transported as a waste in a solid form, and it turns to gas at higher temperatures. The main concern on site was chemical burns if the material were to escape form the containers.



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Uranium Hexafluoride is a big headache for the Nuclear Industry , It's a waste product from isotope separation ,they produce it daily  and they have tonnes of it to dispose of  , nasty , radioactive and poisonous....


The far sighted egg heads in the NWO think tanks came up with a brilliant idea to dispose of it ... Start a lie that fluoride is good for the teeth and then you can slip it into the water supply without anyone noticing it's also radioactive .... 


Initially sodium fluoride was used, also used in rat poison  ... it's the fluoride ion they're selling as good for the teeth ....




 Alex Jones was contacted around 1998 by people working at a US water treatment plant , they were concerned about the  Hazardous Chemical label on drums of chemicals they were ordered to add into the drinking water supply .... analysis  showed this was Uranium Hexafluoride .... AJ ranted and puled his hair out for a few weeks , but as usual nothing changed ....


So it's a win win for the Cabal , they slow poison and reduce IQ of the population , AND save expensive disposal costs for a useless toxic waste ... In fact they sell it to the water treatment facilities , and the public PAYS to be poisoned. 

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