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Christian Values

Mo Ob

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It has been my mission as a parent to teach my children to be charitable and forgiving of mere humans, as we do not possess the purity and beauty of our Lord Jesus. I have also demonstrated the ability to use my God-given brains, which allow me to engage in critical thinking on a daily basis.

We are living in a time when fear is plentiful and common sense is on hiatus; it's also a time to acknowledge the herd mentality and proclivity for those in power to maintain power through fear. The outrageous and shameful behavior the leadership at Holy Trinity Church exhibited on Mar 29 toward Mrs. Hairston serves as an example I used to discuss conduct that is the antithesis of that which I live by. I raise my children to act in ways that align with Christian values; I want them to take the example Christ himself exemplified toward fellow human beings. 

The steps this church’s leadership took to expel a young pregnant mother from a house of the Lord, during worship, is appalling and so contradictory to what Christians are taught to live by. For the diocese to defend such hypocrisy adds another layer of bitterness to the already-despicable display of the unChristian-like act of hysteria and exclusion. 

Thank you, Holy Trinity Church for providing me a shining example of hypocrisy and intolerance. The last place Christians expect to see scare tactics that continue to keep us apart is in the House of the Lord.


M. O'Brien

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Guest Gone Fishing...
16 hours ago, Mo Ob said:

It has been my mission as a parent to teach my children to be charitable and forgiving


Hello Mo Ob and welcome.. 


Moved your thread to the more suitable Religion Section. 

BC :0)


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