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Big Pharma's liability immunity for COVID-19 "vaccines"


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Has anyone, including David and Gareth, considered approaching the subject of legally challenging the fraudulent labeling of the COVID-19 jab as a "vaccine"?  Numerous professionals in the field of Critical Thought have pointed out the obvious: What these products do simply fits NO part of the definition of "vaccine".  If these criminals could be stripped of their legal immunity from product liability, much of this medical tyranny  might be brought to a screeching halt.  It appears, to me at least, to be a fairly straightforward argument.  Or am I being naïve?

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Darn good question, I am not a legally minded person but I really and in deed dearly  hope someone here can office advice to answer that since corporation big pharma practically own everything and growing unchecked in many ways, until no soul or free will remains with thee ability to complain, let alone have justice prevail..  


To have no liability for these sinister jokers responsible for the plandemic,  to undermine the defence of anyone effected by this vaccine enforcement goal I guess, well this is the ultimate malevolent tyranny unfolding... 'Untouchables' as I'm sure they see themselves flexing corporate muscle getting bolder and bolder.. Obtained by over arching globalist reach of power in overt power, and surreptitiously gained power too. (eg,  brand brain washing, system in cohort with big corps, control at whatever  cost, etc, ugly people are rich people with poor or no moral backbone. You get the gist.) 


I know this doesn't help your question much but God knows I'd like to know the answer too!  

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