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Parasite cleanses, worth it?


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Has anyone tried anything of the sort? 


There are numerous products that contain the likes of Grapefruit Seed extract, Wormwood, Black Walnut, Cloves... Etc.

However, I have found these types of companies to be useless in the past. 


It appears there is very little information out there (I've spent all morning searching and keep getting pointed to those tablets.. Hmm.) 


So.. Has anyone had any luck using other methods? 

The Western approach isn't always the best in these circumstances (OTC tablets only help a couple of parasite worms), otherwise there isn't much else out there. 


Ta in advance :) 


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Hi ally.  Have you been tested or do you have a good idea of what the culprit/s is?  There are other methods such as using various clays, coffee enemas etc.  This company sell good quality products although they're not able to make any claims.  Take a look at diatomaceous earth or deactivated charcoal:




Disclaimer, haven't personally used them for that specific purpose.  Coffee enema kits, reasonably priced, are available from Amzn.  Again, haven't used this personally and it sounds like a right faff anyway!


A Lyme disease practitioner suspected I had parasites and recommended the following which I took for around 6 weeks.  It was very gentle with no surprise side effects and must confess to not using a magnifying glass for id purposes.




Another option is a tincture such as this:




Have seen mentioned horse worming pills but unsure whether these need to be prescribed by a vet.  You've undoubtedly heard of Invermectin, this can also be used apparently and assuming you can buy without prescription from somewhere such as India.  Finally, have you considered colonic irrigation?  It's an interesting experience!!


Do report back.

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Yes I have, I did do a traditional wormwood-cloves cleanse once from "Now foods" using their tincture.  Beware these substances are very very strong I would really not recommend them.


I also did an excellent parasite cleanse using these pills from Ebay:


When I did this I had a massive change to my health it was excellent.  I later did it a second time but little changed.  First time though very good, I would recommend it.


However, it's about 6 years later now ... I realise that my whole life had to change my diet has changed a lot, I learned a lot about cooking.  I also take 1g of Vitamin C and some cayenne pepper in my porridge (blended) every day.  And do qigong every day.  And many other things.  My health is pretty damn good.


You need a way of eating and living that is healthy .... rather than doing excessive things ... they don't work in the long run.   Like taking wormwood and so ... it's very strong stuff for really sick people.   It can really disturb your system.


You see the body is very very wise ... and ancient and knows far more than you.   Keeping to tell it what to do ... it doesn't work in the long run.  You have to listen to your body.


If you kill things with wormwood ... what will grow in your body in that empty space? 
I used water kefir for a long time which was very good ... got a little pack from ebay, it's very easy stuff using Kefir bottles (Tesco has some cheap ones 1.5lt).  But these days I just use Bio Kult  probiotics (either the Cyan ones with cranberry, or the Advanced ones) ... and it's simple and works easily.


Knowing your body ....for instance if you take 5 types of food out and put them on a counter ... look at them ... what are you feeling, what is your body telling you?  Listen to your body ... learn to listen.


So these days I don't take any strong medicines at all, and I don't eat meat (much) or onions / garlic ... that's all very disturbing.  And I use linseeds a lot in food to make it go through smoothl;y and I squat on the bog like a yogi.

And I do qigong/ and inner bonding therapy which fixes things inside.


Extreme stuff is not going to work in the longer un.


Not sure what your issues are but I have some experience with different things.  There is a very good book from David Klein : Self Healing Colitis & Crohns ... he's very good because he talks about the body's natural healing, it really calmed me down when I thought my body was going crazy and I didn't get it at al.


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....there is a really cheap and easy way i was told years ago...often also used in horses too.  I was told that to cleanse worms etc just take quarter to half teaspoon of snuff in food....and thats it....the snuff has a certain length to its tobacco strands and whilst totally harmless to the gut, it does pop the outer membrane of the parasites and only the parasites thereby effortlessly dealing with the infestation...they used to use way back in horses and put it in a bran mash before modern high tech pharmaceutical wormers  .. think there used to be a tobacco/snuff manufacturer in the lake district. .one of very few left 👍👍😁😁  cheapest simplest and most effective way i know that gets rid of parasites in one go.

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I was just chatting to some folks about this today. A well known natural cure is to eat a spoonful of papaya seeds once a day for a week. Easy in Mexico as papayas are abundantly eaten and grown here. I ha da friend with a parasite infection who used this to cure themselves.

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