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is it only me, or does it seem like...

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...the dramatic measure the government has taken to protect people from coronavirus is bullshit, it's just a way to have as much control of the population as possible. they don't really give a shit about saving lives because the country is too overpopulated and there are no jobs, so the more people there are, the more it costs the government in social welfare expenditure, which they don't have because they've already spent all the public money on lunchtime conference meetings, and they are getting even less revenue now because so many people are unemployed and so many business have gone under. so it actually helps the economy if the people who can't finacially fund the governent regime die off from health matters connected with being locked-down for a year+, and fob it off as virus protection measures. the people who are paid to help people into work don't want to help them get a real job because they are really just private companies running off governemnt funding, so they aren't held responsible for anything apart from keep themselves in work, so the government can pretend they have social support in place. no-one can discuss the reality of the situation because they have made it too difficult for people to socialise. the media won't discuss it because it's more lucrative for them to write bullshit stories like harry and meghan that are forgotten a day later. if you get fed up with it all, you either get a GP you have never met pushing you to take medication, or signposted to a mental health charity where you aren't actually allowed to talk about the situation because the people who are running them are really just there to keep their jobs too...

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There's no question it's bullshit, yes.


And quite what relevance some of the "questions" on the Census 2021 which we are compelled to answer by law and under threat of £1000 fine, have to do with anything is another indicator. They are trying to find out how many people are likely to die, or could be aided on that pathway, in the near future. Targeting the households with vulnerable people who don't work and contribute to the economy perhaps. A census has no right to poke into your medical history and demand answers to loaded questions that are intended to help them know how many of the population could be dispensed with, and where those people are. The questions were more akin to a benefit claim form.


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33 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

The questions were more akin to a benefit claim form.



Not taking into account any of the better work I have done throughout my life, they only wanted to know about the most recent - which happened to be one of the worst part-time fill-in jobs I have ever had - and now on permanent record! It's like they are actively trying to fuck with my life history to have me socially profiled in the worst possible light.

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