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I think in my opinion and; George Carlin's too, that the majority of men and woman are to busy worrying about who has the biggest and smallest genitals out there and therefore comparing it to they're opinions and self-esteem because, this world is run by a sex cult. 


The proof is in the pudding if you have eaten it, and it don't taste right does it? so what do we have. millions of erectile dysfunctions, low testosterone, low sperm counts (due to porn addiction) shame, and eventually in the end "Hate" towards everyone including themselves. 


And what does that transition into? well to me it seems like exactly what this cult would want, a human that's homebound and quarantined from other human contact, they become desperate and sexually starved to the point where they buy artificial sex dolls--since humans are dangerous now--and it creates another reason to stay home and never leave.


And anyone that tries to give them advice on how to improve they're life is now considered a threat because of how dependent the other person is to still be around humans. 



Could it be that we just need to come together, and take our clothes off?

(and just for the record your going to have a lot of horny policeman and woman)





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A second sexual revolution is probably not going to make things better because the first one caused this mess.  Swinging, porn, and other freaky stuff ruined relationships, marriage, and family.  It broke trust, respect, everything we need to keep families functioning, and replaced it with hollow nothingness and fetishes.  

Far as I know people haven’t stopped doing it.  I can only speak for women:  they are weary of hook up culture and by the time they hit 30 it has hardened their hearts.  They mimic the way men view women and objectify them, chew them up and spit them out.  Everyone throws each other away.

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