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They media, TV etc make fun of it since I don't know 50 years or so. I thought they must be good for something I guess. I watched call for an uprising an in Israel they use drones now for delivery. As I watched it, it came to me out of know where. I thought of tin foil hats without a reason and I was thinking they could help against drones. It could make you invisible for them because it is like a mirror especially when a light hits the foil. I could be wrong though. 

What do you think?

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If you have ever seen phil schenider vids.


He talked in 1990's, how satellites could see a penny(dime) on your kitchen floor with the infra red tech they had. ie computer tech with infra red sats, capable of building a 3d image of your home inside, based on what the infra red sats pick up.


I personally doubt you can stop them knowing where you are, if they know where you live. If these gov people want to target you, i doubt you can go anywhere to get away from it.


If schneider talked about that tech then, and he worked in secret world, thats like 25 years ago, you have to think, its all gotten more and more advanced since then.


I understand what your asking, but i doubt these people have not thought of all ways you try to stop them, ie you as a targeted individual.

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