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Interview with Neil Sanders: Cambridge Analytica, PsyOps, Mind Control & Questioning Everything

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Hey @Deca, there are other areas of this forum you know? 😉


I've come across this Neil Sanders before, he's been a guest a couple of times on RichPlanet, and I think he does know his stuff.


This probably belongs more under 'Social Engineering' to be honest, as this is what these kinds of 'subtle' mind-control programmes are looking to achieve.


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ok, may i elaborate a topic bit:

my feeling is, we are led to feel human races in - dividualities. As separates, thus think so etc.


Now, and we have an abilities to emphasize, so look for what does other's say sense like, what is the opposite to make it sound..  how am i in the reflect of other

and these senses are well researched and developed and directed. Now developed by million parameters powered AI to model


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