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Interesting UFO videos


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That's quiet a spectacular video , Metak .... Looks like a TR3 , one of the most common craft in the SSP , been around for over 40years and is so well known among the UFO community a company is selling model plastic assembly kits of the thing!  .... lol 




The beam fired from the craft (in your video) seemed to be a Birkland current ( see Electric Universe) 




The trouble with all videos is they can be faked , but more importantly they don't inform you about who's piloting them , or anything ...


To really understand this issue you have to explore the testimony of people involved in the SSP 



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TR3's are in the news again today  .... https://davidicke.com/2021/04/17/pentagon-confirms-2019-ufo-video-leaked-to-filmmaker-is-real-time-to-be-very-careful-i-have-been-writing-for-decades-about-the-plan-to-stage-a-fake-ufo-invasion-to-justify-centralisatio/


David says we have to be very careful .... He's been writing about fake alien invasion for decades ... If he has I must have missed it ... He may have briefly mentioned project Blue Beam it in one of his books ...


Below are stills from the video which the Pentagon have just confirmed is genuine ( green due to night vision)


Tucker Carlson's expert has no idea what they are ( see video in link above ).... Dahhh... He needs to do his homework or read this thread ...


These are TR3's , the most common craft in the SSP , almost certainly piloted by humans ... This is just more of getting the public used to the idea of Aliens 


According to the best information we have, what is coming is not a 'fake alien invasion' , but an arrival of apparently FRIENDLY ET's  offering to solve all of our problems with dazzling tech and wise guidance ..These are the same malevolent Aliens who control the Cabal and cause all the problems on Earth ... But this may not happen for a few years yet .  





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10 hours ago, metak88 said:

Oz it seems like UFO activity/observations have gone through the roof in the last year(s).


All to prepare the public ...

According to the best source we have (KM) ..there is a very high chance the controlling ET's  will reappear publicly, trying to prove how stupid we are that we will surrender control of society to them , after we are in despair , having seen it destroyed with covid, economic collapse and the rest (all done from behind the scenes by these same ET's who direct the cabal)  ...

It will be very similar to V the original series ... In that movie the world was divided between those who trusted the Visitors and those who didn't ...The doubters wrote V in spray paint everywhere as a sign of resistance ....

We should start doing this now , spray red V's everywhere  , to show we know what is coming ,this will count for a lot  when it does actually happen ...







Reptilian shifters behind a human disguise 






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^^^ Yeah ...This is getting rather boring now , More TR3's ... They do have other craft in the SSP , MUCH bigger , mostly for deep space , they don't enter the Earth's atmosphere... 


TR3's  are small and versatile , all that is needed for the main work being done , which is abduction of people , mostly children , for very nasty reasons ... the Greys will mostly be doing this , working with humans in the SSP ...


You will remember the SSP is the Cabal/Alien run secret space program ... around a million personnel , people taken from Earth , tricked into becoming involved , some are inducted from conventional military intake , only the best of the best ... All are under heavy mind control ... this is the mind control space army the ET's plan to unleash on humanity in the end game ..Advanced craft firing on population centers ... Then a human clone army (currently stored in DUMB's) will be let loose to get those in remote areas ...

This is the plan anyway ( according to Creator channeled by Karl Mollison ) 


Only Praying for Divine Intervention can stop it! 


One of the larger craft in the SSP shown with conventional aircraft carrier for size comparison 


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