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How will Boris and Matt play the next rubber?


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So far, they have managed to totally outplay the opposition, but the next game is critical for them


First thought that springs to mind is wait until the last minute and then announce that because of the new variants and spike in 'cases'  unfortunately . . . blah, blah, blah


Then again, they could let the public have a short taste of freedom before locking down everything again with even more draconian measures.


It must be keeping them awake at night, wondering how to play this hand. On the one side, giving the stupid masses a taste of freedom, might just send too many to demand they keep their freedom. On the other side not giving them a small carrot before waving the big stick again, might tip more people over to protest.


A clue can be gained from over here. Lockdowns are getting more draconian. Until the beginning of this month, my wife and daughter could go shopping together. Now, only ONE of them is allowed into a shop. Non-Essential shops may be visited only if you make an appointment. ALL bars, restaurants, gyms etc., will remain closed for the foreseeable future. IT'S THE THIRD WAVE, even deadlier than the first two!!!


It would seem that governments are trying to bankrupt every small / non-essential business and they have no intention of ever letting up.


So Boris and Matt are taking a BIG risk if they give the masses a taste of freedom, so I'm guessing that. like Europe, the lockdown will be increased to October. Just in time for the next 'flu season and Covid-21.


Hmm, but perhaps he will try to outplay the EU and give a brief respite. Then the so-called doctors and 'scientists' can scream - MISTAKE! New variants, more contagious, more deadly. The masses, in their face diapers will cry for stricter measures a new "Fire Break" for 6 months. Millionaire SIR Keir Starmer can then take up the cudgel and demand. "Close EVERYTHING". Then  Matt and Boris can apologize and agree that it was a mistake and turn the screws even tighter.


It doesn't really matter, the bottom line is that even if you DO get a few weeks respite (still wearing masks, still social distancing, still in "bubbles"), it won't be very long before the Dictator is back in full swing. No government will willingly give people back their freedom.


.I don't think it will make any difference if everyone on earth pandered to Bill Gates and took "The Jab". The control of the masses will remain in place no matter what.


Soon you'll have a choice of shops, Amazon, Amazon or Amazon. Deliveries to your home by Drone and no one allowed out of their houses. This is what the masses want. Close EVERYTHING, close the schools, close the Universities then at last all men will be equal. All as dumb as each other, so blacks, whites and everyone are illiterate assholes with just the ruling class having any education. By driving businesses into bankruptcy, choice will vanish. There will be ONE kind of cheese, ONE kind of bread, ONE brand of toothpaste, ONE brand of everything. Eat what your rulers allow you to or starve to death. I keep hearing rumours that they are planning to ban all alcoholic drinks. How true it is, I have no idea, but they will stop at nothing and they are going to get away with it as well.


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