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Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the UK Ramadhan Foundation, does Muslims no favours with his ‘Muslims can do no wrong’ and ‘we are victims’ response to every situation. He’s the second man to be interviewed here about o the Batley school ‘Muhammed’ protests and it’s the same poor us drivel I have heard from him time and again. There are shades of grey, mate. I’ll meet you there https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/mohammed-shafiq-chief-executive-of-the-uk-ramadhan-foundation-does-muslims-no-favours-with-his-muslims-can-do-no-wrong-and-we-are-victims-response-to-every-situation-hes-the-second-man-to/


Over 300 Ships Now Stranded As Suez Canal Authority Chairman Says “Human Error” Contributed To Crash https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/over-300-ships-now-stranded-as-suez-canal-authority-chairman-says-human-error-contributed-to-crash/


Media Silence As Anti-Lockdown Protest Movement Grows – This Time In Bradford https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/media-silence-as-anti-lockdown-protest-movement-grows-this-time-in-bradford/


NHS Nurse Quits Over ‘Covid’ Lies – “Silence Is Consent” https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/nhs-nurse-quits-over-covid-lies-silence-is-consent/


More Satellites by SpaceX and OneWeb Launched Despite Opposition and Catastrophic Warnings https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/more-satellites-by-spacex-and-oneweb-launched-despite-opposition-and-catastrophic-warnings/


All bow to the High Priests of cancel culture… who are so powerful I was warned NOT to write this article condemning them https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/all-bow-to-the-high-priests-of-cancel-culture-who-are-so-powerful-i-was-warned-not-to-write-this-article-condemning-them/


“Trusted sources like the BBC and the NHS” – Care home workers pressured to get the ‘vaccine’ https://davidicke.com/2021/03/28/trusted-sources-like-the-bbc-and-the-nhs-care-home-workers-pressured-to-get-the-vaccine/


What a scam – get tested with a test not testing for the ‘virus’ ONLY if you have no symptoms of anything so we can add more false positives to our fraudulent figures to justify more fascism. COME ON PEOPLE – ENOUGH! https://davidicke.com/2021/03/27/what-a-scam-get-tested-with-a-test-not-testing-for-the-virus-only-if-you-have-no-symptoms-of-anything-so-we-can-add-more-false-positives-to-our-fraudulent-figures-to-justify-more-fascism-come-o/

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Interesting experience a couple of weeks ago which went like this.....


Left for work at about 05:25 and was stood in the garden, felt the need to look up at the stars.

Stream of satellites passes over-head, directly over me, never seen anything like it.

Ran inside and dragged wife out to see, she caught them disappearing in the distance.

Was amazed, never saw anything like it before.

Left for work, about 5 minutes into the drive became so itchy wanted to stop car and jump about in the cold.

Decided to grin and bear it, head home to the wife if I needed some help with whatever it was.

Got home, removed clothes, had hives on my body, especially inner thigh area.

Joked I had been irradiated by the satellites, got better after about an hour, got on with my life.

Roll on to now, read headline on here about SpaceX.

Make this post.

Covid, Suez canal, Satellites, Vaccinations and much, much more. 

Time to see things how they are and not how we imagine they are! (Vernon Howard, you'll find him on youtube)

Time to wake up, be conscious.


Have a good one ;)







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