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Galileo Heliocentrism and Human Society's Dirty Games


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Just had a revelation about this.

If we remember that we are taught that Galileo had discovered that the Earth "went round" the Sun rather than the other way round ... and that the evil church opposed him and that brave Galileo had stood up to evil church.

Right ... that's f****ing lying story we are taught.


The truth is actually this : anyone who discovers anything new is torn to pieces by the evil and miserable human society that runs on fear violence and exploitation.  It is society as a whole, meaning the people in it, that refuse to change anything.  They always talk like 'oh yeah we are interested in progress' ... and they are, they are interested in talking about 'progress' that never happens.  

If any unfortunate person actually tries to change anything they will be ripped to shreds especially by the established network of powerful people and their minions who want nothing to change ever.


But of course history is not written honestly.  Who attacked Galileo?  Wasn't us your honour.  No it was ... it was ... who was it then ...er ... er ... THE CHURCH.  The evil church.  Yeah.


What total bullshit.


And it's always the same with every change ... in the official history it says somebody bad opposed this change ... but actually society as a whole hates change.  They like to talk about progress as long as everything stays the same.




As for the subject of whether the Earth goes round the Sun and whatnot, I have thought about this a lot over the years.

You see here I am in Brighton and every morning the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West ... it goes around me that's for sure.  Every single day of my life. 

And me ... my life ... is the what I am.   The Sun is going around me.


But when you are "edu-ma-kated" ... then you just talk like parrot.  This book says Earth goes round Sun, this book says Cut head off and paint rainbow on back and drop trousers.  This book says Bill Gates new emperor.


So when you are "edu-mak-kated" then you can say anything.


But for me, for a normal person, for any sane ... the Sun does go around me and it's about the most solid and reliable thing in the world.


So actually being in your own Self rather than live in a dream ... is actually what this subject is about.   If you are a Real Person and feel your own Self then you talk from your own position.


But if you have lost your soul then you just repeat whatever you were "edu-ma-kated" to repeat like a parrot, so that people can make money off your hide and exploit your whole life by keeping you away from your soul.


As for the concepts in the science of physics.

All the masses in the universe exert force on each other so you cannot talk about any bodies going round any thing because they are all in continuous movement together.

And that includes the heavy gas giants in the solar system.  Often the centre of movement of the solar system (which is an unreal idea that does not exist in reality, but anyway) ... is not inside the disk of the Sun, but just outside of it because the gas giants exert influence moving the baycenter of the solar system.

So no ... the Earth don't go the f-ing Sun.

And no it was not the church who dunnit ... it was the ordinary miserable sheep-society who hate any changes, but never admit it in the history books.



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