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New Lockdown Regulations (Health Protection Act England)

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Hello. I have to assume in these times that various officials can read posts (might make some of them realise the obvious medical nonsense and the public are now much aware from Media Channels like Alex Belfield and Hugo Talks) but I am posting a link to the New Lockdowns Regulations which make England an open prison in Europe. (Remember VOTE LEAVE EU AND TAKE BACK CONTROL) The are exceptions to the rules so the rich can travel and provided someone starts up a Registered Charities Organisation (FREEDOM would be ideal name) then it’s allowed to have Private and Public gatherings/protests/picketing and travel abroad within certain boundaries.


The document is long and full with numerous legal words but there are defined methods to avoid the rules. The Police should also follow the law and KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE from the public otherwise also at risk of being arrested and fined because still classed as in a Pandemic.




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Thanks for this, while looking up something else the other day on this forum, I found myself on the Birmingham Airport website, and found a link to Gov.uk regarding this Travel Declaration Form. I wrote up a short piece on my website last weekend:



There is of course a list of 'exemptions' for certain people who are allowed to leave the country, various types of specialist professionals. I note that BBC journalists/staff get a specific exemption category. 🤔


I also noted with interest that the requirement to complete this declaration does not apply to people travelling from the UK to the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey).


As I concluded in my article, it is crazy that it is now practically a 'criminal offence' to leave the UK without a 'damn good reason', yet illegal immigrants are still arriving daily and not being turned away. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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